User Requested Player Ranks – Week 7 

As I’ve mentioned previously, this year we’re trying something a little different when it comes to player rankings. We’re letting our readers decide which players show up on the lists. This means less work for me (or at least spreads out the work) while ensuring that all requested players show up on the lists and all quandaries are resolved. Hopefully last weeks rankings helped at least a few teams out there win their match-ups and hopefully this week’s do the same!

Remember, if you have any Flex slot questions, continue to post those as comments and we can respond to them individually. Anyways, feel free to start posting your line-up questions, along with any questions/comments about this new format. This week I’ve kicked off the lists with the top five players from last week at each position.

Spreadsheet after the jump. [Note from Matt: We’re moving the spreadsheets to the posts themselves instead of including them in the home page because they tend to slow the home page down, something I noticed as I was building the new design.] (More …)