Free fantasy football player stats in chart format

Even if you’ve never played in a fantasy football league, you can still benefit from some of their free resources. One that I like the most is the individual player stats, including a line graph that charts the players performance over the season, comparing him with the week’s best player at the position, as well as the average player. Click here to go to their search page to select a player. Once you select a player, you’ll see something similar to the image below…pretty snazzy, eh?! One thing it’s great for is determining a players consistency. Obviously, the flatter the line, the more consistent the player…as long as it’s not flat along the horizontal axis 🙂

fleaflicker player stats

I’m trying to find a way to integrate these charts into our blog. For now I started linking to the profile for some of the players listed on The Wire posts to give you an idea of a players stats in previous weeks.