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  • Brandon 3:01 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink
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    Randy Moss waived by the Minnesota Vikings 

    Just hearing (based on a report by the NFL Network) that Randy Moss has been waived by the Vikings…wow! Talk about a short stay. More information to follow as I find out…

    (More …)

    • Squish 3:08 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, I didn’t see this. That’s ridiculous! Wonder where he will end up. SD? SEA? CLE? The only Wr I drafted more often than him was Reggie Wayne. Moss could end up killing me!

    • The Don 5:40 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      this…………blows…………………if i were the rams i would be on the phone right now

    • Hawgman 8:46 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I cannot even imagine the hilarity if Moss were to join the other Receiva Divas in Cin-city!! THAT’S a non-reality show I could watch. I mean everybody enjoys a good train-wreck!!

      • Brandon 8:48 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        No way I can see that happening…yet it definitely would be awesome, hah. Palmer doesn’t have the skills these days to utilize three receivers though and there would be some fireworks when they didn’t get their catches. I’m actually at a loss as to figuring out what team he would help. The only team I can think of that might work is the Colts, but I don’t see that happening.

        • Hawgman 8:52 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          One word – RAIDERS!!! ;-P

          • Brandon 11:47 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

            That would be funny and honestly, they would probably be in a better position to actually utilize his skills this time around. With such a good running game and Heyward-Bey starting to emerge, Moss would open up the field a bit and make their offense even better. Randy would hate going there again though.

    • Brandon 11:48 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’m hearing that the Dolphins are interested, which is a little scary. Randy Moss, Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess would equate to one of the top receiving corps in the league.

      • Sloth 12:49 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        There is rumor that the Seahawks are interested…..kind of a dead end in my opinion. The hawks line keeps getting hurt.

      • Hawgman 12:58 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Could be a very strategic move by the Phins. They would get someone that would either get man coverage or take double teams away from Marshall and they would prevent the Pitty-Pats from getting him back for next to nothing.

        On the other hand, Moss is poison. I don’t know if I would want Marshall to see the example that Moss shows everyday. I can see it now – A play called for Bess underneath and both Marshall & Moss trotting down field for 5 yards or so not even trying because the play call was not for either of them. This move is a Moss trademark. Marshall seems to have his head back in the game after his implosion in Denver last year. I would hope that he can keep it there weather Moss goes to “South Florida” or not.

    • Squish 1:35 am on November 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t suppose there is any chance that I’ll be able to start Moss this week is there?

      • Hawgman 6:11 am on November 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        You can start him, but don’t expect much of a game from him. His timing seems to be a little off…

      • Brandon 8:17 am on November 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Well, I assume if he’s claimed off waivers that he’ll be starting for some poor team this weekend (unless it’s a bye week team.) I have him in one league and have currently moved him to the bench for Christopher Ivory in a flex spot…pretty sad.

  • Brandon 11:55 am on November 1, 2010 Permalink
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    Make sure to read this hilarious-ness (if you didn’t watch it to begin with) about the post-game press conference Randy Moss gave after the Patriots beat his new team.

  • Brandon 11:40 am on November 1, 2010 Permalink
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    Can someone please explain how Jamaal Charles piled up 238 yards (rushing/receiving)…yet didn’t score a touchdown, as well as how the Chiefs only scored 13 points against the Bills? Just curious.

    • Squish 3:07 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s simple. Everyone thought KC would light up the Bills so the fantasy Gods decided to play a joke on everybody and make it a low scoring OT game.

  • Brandon 11:26 am on November 1, 2010 Permalink
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    Week 8 FAIL: Stumblin' Steelers 

    Continuing with a new post for this season, here are a few players who just didn’t quite live up to expectations this week. Were they over-rated to begin with? Did they just have a bad game? Were they benched because their team was dominating (or getting dominated?) It’s probably just a one week mishap, but if they land on this list a couple weeks in a row, you might start worrying! Anyways, feel free to add to the discussion with your own. Maybe someone that you blame this week’s loss on?

    Last week it was the Cowboys (and Felix Jones still represents this week!) but this week the team-wide failure is awarded to the Steelers. Pittsburgh couldn’t find a way to pass against the tough Saints defense and it hurt Roethlisberger and his receivers.

    As I mentioned last week, I’ve now included the entire season count of FAIL’s as a new worksheet in the spreadsheet, so you can click the “Season” tab and see where each player stacks up. As expected, drama-king himself, Brett Favre, leads the pack!

    Anyways, here are the rest of them…
    (More …)

    • AtlantaJJ (Janet) 12:33 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’m new to fantasy football, this is not an excuse, just a fact.

      I need to remind myself that this is my year to learn. My goal is to stay in the top 7 of 14 team league.

      My team failed this week, here are some of the reasons why:

      I started Knowshon Moreno against my better judgment. I decided that asking for advice would be better than following my gut feel.

      I didn’t use my critical thinking skills which would have told me that BJGE and Woodhead would have a good day against the Vikings. I’m really upset about this, they burned holes in my bench.

      I didn’t expect Hinds Ward, Heath Miller and the Steelers to just suck wind against the Saints who just caught a beat down by the Browns last week!

      Steve Johnson decided to be mediocre again on the day I decided to start him.

      I followed advise of the “knowledgeable” and started Seattle’s D/ST – which netted me 2 points. I would have done better to stick with the Redskins.

      I actually knew the Titans would loose yesterday. I just always start Chris Johnson no matter what because he’s Chris Johnson. Blount out performed CJ however and burned a hole in my bench.

      I just needed to type all of my pain from week 8 out loud somewhere. I hope I can put it behind me now and move forward.

      Thank goodness I didn’t start James Jones.

      • Brandon 3:43 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’ll defer to user Squish on this one. See his response below…

    • Squish 3:32 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply


      Mike Williams was actually injured his knee (bruised) in his game so that’s his excuse. He had no catches before leaving and got the 27 yard catch after returning.

      I know you guys aren’t in the habit of adding kickers but Nick Folk deserves props this week. He netted me -1 points in my money league which penalizes for misses.

      Janet, you seem to have made all the right calls this week they just turned out bad. On paper, the Seattle defense should have destroyed OAK. It was a fluke that they didn’t. In reality, the Rams had the best matchup this week and their defense followed through as it should have. Seattle was expected to do the same. It just happened weird. Was Cleveland supposed to smoke the Saints last week? I think not. The stats are broadly predictable most of the time but not always. Just stick with good advice and you’ll end up getting the better results in the end.

      Moreno gets way too many goal-line carries to bench normally and Tebow stole his TD this week.

      What skills could have told you that the NE backfield would play well? Minnesota is generally a fairly stout run defense and NE generally has a fairly useless backfield by committee even at its best.

      I present no excuses for Heath Miller. He should be back on track with Big Ben at the helm but he isn’t. I’m as confused as you are. Ward has a good excuse in that he is old. The Steelers are also passing less this year.

      Steve Johnson had a fine day, it’s all you can expect of a waiver pick-up. Draft an elite WR if you want better results than a TD and 37 yards receiving each week. Generally if a WR gets in the endzone, he has had a good week regardless of yardage or catches. I think because of all the big performances by WRs this year that people are starting to forget they aren’t a reliable source of scoring.

      If you had started Blount over CJ you would have been a prophet of FF. Nobody could have predicted that. though CJ got into the endzone so why complain?

      Some weeks just don’t work out the way they are expected too. This week in my money league I’m going to score less than half the points my team (the league leader) normally does. I am already past it. I had bye week troubles but there was no excuse. My team had their off-week which is fine with me. I know I have a great team and this was a fluke. Let it go and you’ll be much better off.

      • Brandon 3:44 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks Squish…but next time make sure to click the “Reply” button for the actual comment you’re responding too! 🙂 That way the user who posted the comment will be notified of the response.

        • Squish 11:19 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Well it started out just the comment to you about Folk and Williams but then the other comment appeared while I was typing the response to your list. I started addressing it and the next thing you know it was more of that than the original comment lol. Just a case of what happens when you address two posts in one I guess.

    • Hawgman 4:08 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I have a sure fire way to make Big Ben put up mad numbers – All I gotta do is keep him on my bench!! I am in one of the lowest scoring contests of the year against the team I am tied with for 1st in my division. My QB puts up less than SIX POINTS!!!
      Just hope Andre can blow it up tonight. All I need is a couple TD’s and I can eek out a win…

      • Hawgman 11:22 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Update (as if anyone else really cares), Andre did his job, but I still lost by a frakkin HALF POINT! I blame it on the Miami D (dropping all those INTs they had in their hands) and/or Big Ben.
        Oh well, on to the next victim! He has 5 or 6 bye-bye babies, so I am hoping for the best.

  • Brandon 9:17 am on November 1, 2010 Permalink
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    The Wire – Week 9 pick-ups: LeGarrette Blount 

    Here are the potential waiver wire targets for the upcoming week. This week we saw Buccaneers undrafted rookie running back LaGarrette Blount break out in a big way, rumbling for 120 yards and two scores (awesome quality video after jump), while teammate Cadillac Williams was relegated to a change-of-pace back. Anyways, I’ve included my thoughts on Blount and some other players, as well as the percentage owned (taken from Yahoo.) Take a look and see if any of these guys can help patch your squad together and carry you to the Promised Land…

    (More …)

    • Hawgman 12:26 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’m a little thin at WR. I have Boldin, Andre, Welker, and Collie. I dropped Knox and picked up WR/RB Woodhead during the Pats game. I am in a Yahoo! league, so Woodhead can be slotted in either position. At RB I have McFadden, Hillis, Felix Jones, Stephen Jackson, and Jonathon Stewart.
      The only 2 you have on the list as starters are Bess and TB Williams. Williams is not available. So my question is, would you drop Welker or Stewart for Bess or just leave it alone?

      • Brandon 9:18 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’d stick with Welker for now. His stats (while front-loaded) are similar to Bess’ and he has more upside.

    • Joe 1:14 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Would you drop Torain for Blount?

      I have Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy, Ryan Torain and Reggie Bush right now.

      • Brandon 9:21 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        That’s a tough one. Torain has a bye this week and could be out another game or so after that, but if he returns he’d most likely be the starter again. I’d consider dropping Reggie Bush for Blount. He’s not going to be the feature back in New Orleans and who knows how he’ll play once he returns. Have anyone else you could consider dropping for Blount, who you definitely want on your team? Any receivers?

        • Joe 9:25 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          I have Owen Daniels, Kenny Britt, Ryan Torain, Austin Collie, Sidney Rice, Reggie Bush on my bench… I have Foster and McCoy who are both past their bye weeks.

          • Brandon 11:56 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

            I’d drop Kenny Britt at this point. He’s out for an “extended period of time” and the coach is hoping he’s not out for the season. Doesn’t sound all that promising to me. Considering your team could be out of playoff contention before Britt steps back on the field, to with the guys who can help your team now.

      • Billy 1:20 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I would drop Torain for Blount, and just put that order on two of my teams.

        Blount has more upswing potential as Torain has to shake off an injury and Portis will be returning in the near future, and his backup Williams had 4.2avg and 1 TD this past week… also I think Tampa Bay is the better team. Watching McNabb get sacked and their oline fail all day was something I don’t want to bank on going forward.

    • Erik 3:23 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      @Hawgman Maybe drop Welker for Bess, but not Stewart with Deangelo now hurt.

      @Joe Wait to see how long Torain will be out for with this injury. Torain will be a much better option if he’s healthy. Keep in mind Blounts performance yesterday was against the Cardinals. Keiland Willaims (Torain’s backup) might even be a better option than Blount if Torain is out for a while.

      • Hawgman 8:51 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I drafted Stewart thinking that he would be able to do something if Williams went down. Williams went down last week and Stewart did next to nothing. The Carolina O-line is not a good group to be behind this year.
        Welker is in a high powered O, but there is no real deep threat to open up the middle for him and I just grabbed Woodhead (I don’t like to have too much invested in one team just in case they get shutout like the Jets did last week).
        I’m still pondering….

        • Brandon 9:14 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Jonathan Stewart has come out and blamed the offensive line straight-up for his failure to produce. This isn’t a good sign moving forward, even if DeAngelo Williams sits out again.

    • TJ 9:41 pm on November 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Crazy to think of swapping Hernandez for Tamme? I was going to wait and see tonight, and it’s looking good so far. Other TE is Vernon Davis – I at least need a bye replacement for next week, or maybe even just a replacement if he’s not effective with Troy Smith at QB

      Also – what do you guys think of swapping Blount in for M Lynch? Lynch has a great playoff schedule, but he’s not exactly getting it done right now.

      • Brandon 9:13 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        At a minimum, you’ll probably break even with Tamme over Hernandez. At least he can find the endzone, something Hernandez hasn’t been able to do this year. The Patriots are playing more balanced football these days and giving their running backs the goalline touchdowns. Indy should continue to throw the ball a lot.

        As for running backs, I’d say go for it with Blount over Lynch. I wasn’t high on Marshawn to begin with and think Seattle is where running backs (since Shaun Alexander) go to die.

        • TJ 2:35 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Thanks, got all 3 TEs for now (dropped Britt). Will wait & see how healthy Davis is….

    • Joe 8:23 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for recommending TB last week. I won because of it.

      Min, Buf, Oak DEF are all available in my league. Who should I grab for this week?

      • Brandon 9:11 am on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I vote for Minnesota, at home, against the same Cardinals that gave up lots of fantasy points to the Bucs last week.

    • Ed 12:05 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Who to drop going foward, T. Gonzalez or B. Pettigrew? tks in advance!

      • Billy 1:13 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’m ditching Pettigrew for Tamme on one team… and ZMiller for Tamme on another 😉

      • Brandon 10:49 am on November 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        As with Billy, I prefer Jacob Tamme over Gonzalez AND Pettigrew moving forward. If he’s not available though, I wouldn’t be against using Pettigrew instead of Gonzo from here on out. Assuming Stafford doesn’t have a some personal disagreement with the guy and never throws him the ball or something, hah.

    • Billy 1:10 pm on November 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I’m thinking of dropping DeAngelo Williams and Steve Smith for Woody and BJGE… just to get Carolina, the worst team, away and get New England, the best team, around more… thoughts?

      Rest of team: Vick, Roeth, Brady — Ocho, Harvin, Ward, Garcon — Moreno, Turner, Torain

      • Brandon 10:52 am on November 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        At this point we’re really just talking about back-ups here, but with DeAngelo Williams upside I think it’s still hard to drop him. Even Steve Smith has picked it up over the past couple weeks and should improve as Brandon LaFell becomes a more consistent threat on the other side. Have you thought of trading away a quarterback and someone like Garcon for an upgrade at running back? If you can do a 2-for-1 deal, then you will have a free roster spot to pick up Green-Ellis. Just a thought 🙂

    • Cbarwife 10:43 am on November 4, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      What 2 RB should I start this week out of Turner, Rice and Bount?
      Also, what 2 WR out of Steve Smith (Giants), Welker, Fitzgerald and Harvin?
      I also have one wr/rb spot open.

      I’m leaning toward starting all 3 RB and Smith/Fitzgerald

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