Review: Fantasy IQ – Give and receive fantasy football advice 

Just wanted to alert everyone to a new fantasy football service/website called Fantasy IQ, which allows a user to ask a line-up or trade question to the general public (as long as they sign up for an account) and see what the consensus is. I know for most of you, our user requested player rankings usually do the trick, but there might be some out there that need more than just my opinion to make them feel good about their line-ups going into the weekend! For those people, Fantasy IQ makes a lot of sense. They have a Twitter account (@fantasyiq) where you can see examples of the questions, but just go to the website to get the best idea of what they’re all about.

I’ve already asked and answered a few questions on the site, as well as received “props” on a few of my responses. I believe they plan to roll out a ranking system, where people who receive the most props will be at the top of the lists.

Here’s an example of how it looks on the site when someone asks a question and others respond:

fantasy iq

Head to the site and take a look. You can even help me answer a few questions I posted for this week 🙂

Carson Palmer or Kyle Orton
Tom Brady or Ryan Fitzpatrick