Review: Matchup Huddle

Think you’re a fantasy football guru, but lazy to start your own blog? Then look no further than (@matchuphuddle)! Not too long ago I wrote a quick overview of FantasyIQ, which allows users to provide advice to others who ask weekly line-up or trade questions. Matchup Huddle is along those same lines, but has many more features (at least at the point of writing this post.)

When you go to the website, the first thing you’ll see is a screen similar to the one below. It will list a few of the match-ups for a given week, all in the format shown, where you either pick one guy or another. Each match-up is rated like ski mountain trails, indicating the difficulty users are having with a particular decision. For example, Adrian Peterson versus Sammy Morris would be a green circle, while Steven Jackson versus Michael Turner could end up being a double black diamond!

matchup huddle picks

When you are picking a match-up, there is the option to view more details on the players involved. On this details page you’ll see all sorts of useful information, including the stats of each player over the season, their fantasy points each week, along with the picks of users of each level (Amateur to Guru.)

matchup huddle details

Once you’ve made your picks for a given week and the games are played, the guys at Matchup Huddle make some calculations and determine who the top guru’s of the week (and year) are. As you can see, was doing fairly well after week 10…but week 11 was a different story 🙁 One thing I’ve already learned quick is to make sure to rank a wide array of match-ups to ensure a higher winning percentage. While you get more guru-status by picking a double black diamond, you also stand to lose a lot by gambling. If you pick a bunch of easy ones, you can help make up the difference if the harder match-ups don’t go your way.

matchup huddle guru rankings

Matchup Huddle would be a great place for fantasy football gurus who provide weekly rankings (Yahoo, ESPN, us, etc) to test their stuff against anyone else who dares challenge. For those websites, there is an interface where instead of selecting the winner of a particular match-up, you can enter entire player rankings and let the site automatically populate every match-up that those rankings translate to. For example, if you rank your wide receivers as:

  1. Andre Johnson
  2. Chad Ochocinco
  3. Brandon Tate

…then Matchup Huddle will automatically make the following picks:

  1. Andre Johnson over Chad Ochocinco
  2. Andre Johnson over Brandon Tate
  3. Chad Ochocinco over Brandon Tate

Based on the community’s picks for a week, Matchup Huddle publishes their own rankings. Who knows, maybe you prefer these rankings to any other websites (except our of course!)

Anyways, head over to and see whose fantasy football advice you can trust! Also, see if you can beat me in week 12 🙂