Psst – hey @YahooFootball. There's something old in your sidebar 

So yeah, I’ve been a big-time slacker of a blogger this year. I did manage to get the redesign up and running, but major props to Brandon who’s been holding down the fort on the content side of things while I chase my one-year-old around the house and reminisce in my rare quiet moments about the days when I used to have time to do… anything.*

But this is a hobby; I’m pretty sure Yahoo’s fantasy contributors are full-time staff writers. If you’re in a Yahoo league, check out the sidebar on your league home page, where you’ll find this:

Scott Where-is-he-nowski

Are these guys on sabbatical or something? Does the most popular fantasy football service on the planet not have something a little more timely or useful to fill this space with?

*An aside: my kid’s favorite word at the moment is “football” (FOO-BAH!) and he loves hanging out and watching a game – the only other thing on TV he’ll watch is Sesame Street, and he actually likes football better. Seems almost too good to be true and I’m probably jinxing it by blogging about it.