Brett Favre upgraded to Questionable for tonight's game

Attention all you Joe Webb-ers out there…make sure to keep a close eye on the Minnesota quarterback situation as we get closer to game time. Apparently the Vikings have upgraded Brett Favre from OUT to QUESTIONABLE. While I find it “questionable” that they would be allowed to do such a thing, apparently they gave the Bears the heads up and they were alright with the idea that Favre might play. I’m hearing that Favre will take some time to throw between 2-3 hours before game-time to see if he can play or not, which would mean Joe Webb takes the reins.

This is obviously horrible news for those who were banking on Joe Webb as a WR. Hopefully your league allows you to pick up a free agent before game-time if necessary, someone like Devin Hester maybe. Anyways, I’ll try to keep everyone updated on the situation, but just a heads up!