Possibility that New York Giants @ Minnesota Vikings game cancelled?!

Not sure what everyone has heard so far, but here’s a short timeline of events regarding the New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings game this week:

  • Friday: New York Giants trapped in a Kansas City airport due to snowstorms.
  • Saturday: Heavy snowstorm in Minnesota causes game to get moved to Monday Night Football anyways, so the Giants getting stuck in KC didn’t end up mattering.
  • Sunday Morning: That snowstorm in Minnesota has partially collapsed part of the stadium’s roof and now there is concern that the game can’t even be played there on Monday night!
  • Monday (options): 1) Somehow they get the Metrodome up and running, 2) they play at a local college stadium, or 3) they CANCEL the game? Not sure what in the world this would mean in terms of scheduling or to your fantasy football teams…