Start Vikings QB Joe Webb as your WR3?

At the moment, it appears that rookie quarterback Joe Webb will start for the Minnesota Vikings this weekend. With Brett Favre and Tavaris Jackson sidelined, Webb is next in line to take the reins against a tough Chicago defense, even though the team recently signed Patrick Ramsey. The interesting thing about Webb is that Yahoo lists him as both a QB and WR, meaning you could start a starting quarterback as a wide receiver if you’re so inclined. I’m debating whether to start him in my leagues right now and am waiting to hear more about the situation before deciding for sure, but the intrigue was enough that I picked him up in my leagues. You might think about doing the same in yours!

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility if he goes out and gets destroyed by Chicago and puts up negative points or something…but I take all the credit if he throws for 200 yards, throws for a score and runs for another!