Tim Tebow to get the start

However, since he doesn’t qualify for another position (such as Joe Webb at WR) you can’t really start him in your fantasy playoffs…right? I’m sure some people out there will start him, but it won’t be because I recommended him! Anyways, with the change at quarterback, at least Yahoo finally has taken Kyle Orton off the Can’t Cut List, so make sure to drop him and pick up someone useful.

It’s been an interesting year for Kyle Orton and I’m pretty interested to see the league’s perception of him going into the offseason. The Broncos will surely go a different direction, but Orton was pretty awesome for at least the first half of the year and showed that he can throw for some serious yardage if he wants to. With so many quarterback questions around the league (including in Denver!) I wonder who takes a shot on him next year?

Anyways, good luck in all your games!