The case for Ray Rice as the top fantasy RB 

If I had the first pick in a fantasy draft right now – PPR or not – I’d be taking a long, hard look at Ray Rice. Arian Foster, Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson are getting all the top-pick love this year, but why not Rice? He’s only 24, will have newly-acquired Pro Bowl fullback Vonta Leach blocking for him, and is the centerpiece of a dynamic offense that’s both devoted to the run and┬ácapable of spreading the field thanks to the arm of Joe Flacco and the speed of new teammate Lee Evans.

On top of all that, offensive coordinator Cam Cameron recently announced that Rice will be the team’s goal-line back this year (whereas McGahee used to be the guy in those situations), so what’s not to love? So what if Ricky Williams will steal a few carries here and there? For the first time in his career, Rice is going to get the carries that count the most as far as fantasy is concerned.

Given that Rice has averaged over 70 receptions in his two full seasons as a starter, it’s getting pretty hard to argue against him as the top PPR pick. And with the way his offseason’s gone so far, I’d think twice before using my top pick on someone else in standard formats as well.