My Yahoo public league team (note: make sure to check league settings!)

public league team 2011A few nights ago I signed up for my annual Yahoo public league team, which I always do ahead of my official leagues for A) practice and B) because I get antsy and want to stare at a fantasy football team. Anyways, I signed up for a 10 team league, thinking it was probably going to be pretty close to standard Yahoo scoring rules. One thing I noticed up front was that it was a two defense league, which seemed a little odd, but I didn’t think twice about it really.

Anyways, when I got to the draft, picks 2-4 were quarterbacks! I was pick number 5 and was excited to draft Ray Rice there, but then I started wondering why all the QBs were drafted so early. I looked at the scoring settings for the league and realized that the scoring is weighted towards them. When the draft came back to me though in the second round, all the top tier quarterbacks were gone, so I didn’t want to waste a pick and ended up going with Larry Fitzgerald.

I then started wondering about the two defense thing, especially when a top defense was taken in the 5th or 6th round. Looking at the scoring from last year, the defenses are pretty much the most important position in the league! You can see the scoring in the image below.

I’ve already made a couple moves, since there are no waiver rules (another thing to check!) picking up DeAngelo Williams in return for Thomas Jones and changing my defenses around a bit. Pretty solid looking team though, don’t you think? If scoring was normal, this team would be pretty dominant, but with the way the league is set up I can only hope it works out 🙂