Rate your team with FootballGuys.com

Recently a commenter named AJ alerted me to an awesome fantasy football team rating tool on FootballGuys.com (I just added it to our Tools page too), so I had to scope it out and see how my recently drafted teams stacked up. The tool allows you to enter your team, including bench players, along with the league scoring settings. You then enter your e-mail address and they send you a report on your team that includes an overview of your team, a summary of each position, an analysis of the schedule of each of your players (with good/bad starts highlighted per player), a list of potential free agents to consider, yearly projections for each player and the latest news for each player on the team.

I highly recommend you enter your fantasy teams on the site and see what they have to say. I can’t promise that all the information used in the report is 100% most recent, but I assume it’s pretty good. If anything this is a great tool for entertainment value and to brag to your friends (if necessary.)

By the way, if you were curious, my teams seem to have at least a 90% chance of making the playoffs, so that’s promising 🙂