Darren McFadden out two weeks of camp with fractured orbital bone

Some random football updates:

  • After talking up Darren McFadden in a previous post, it seems he’ll now miss two weeks of training camp with a fractured orbital bone in his face. Backup Michael Bush is still an unsigned restricted free-agent, so I assume the team will get moving on signing him as soon as possible, as their other options aren’t anything special. I still like McFadden this year and a face injury isn’t something that will prevent him from racking up fantasy points this season.
  • WR Craig “Buster” Davis has signed with the Buffalo Bills. I’m sure Matt is super excited about this one!
  • WR Kenny Britt has missed seven days of training camp so far and blames his yoga instructor for not properly making his hamstrings flexible or something. As always, he’s an injury waiting to happen, so keep that in mind if you’re targeting him in your draft.