The Tim Hightower Bandwagon

Everyone and their dog seems to be in love with the idea of Tim Hightower emerging as a sleeper this season with a little help from the Shanahan Touch. He’s become downright trendy. Brad Evans gushes:

Two years ago Ray Rice was that player. Last season, it was Arian Foster. This time around, a former committee back with average talent appears to be the next draft day steal tinkering on the brink of stardom.

Mark the Noise’s words, Tim Hightower will be the biggest mid-round difference-maker in fantasy football this season.

I’m not buying it. Hightower hasn’t done anything in his career to show that he can be a game-changing type of player, which is exactly what he’d have to be to succeed on an offense as bad as this one. When was the last time a team went into the preseason with a quarterback competition as lame as Grossman v. Beck? Do you really want to use a mid-round pick on a player who will be competing for carries with not one but two well-regarded running backs?

It’s the preseason, Tim Hightower’s playing great… and the Lions are 3-0. Enough said.