The Wire – Week 1: I told you to draft Aaron Hernandez 

I feel like the format of the weekly waiver wire posts change every year…so here we go again! Here’s my waiver wire advice for week one of the 2011-12 NFL season, in Google Doc spreadsheet form, so it can easily be updated behind the scenes without the post being edited. Here’s the link to the spreadsheet if you’re trying to view on a mobile device and it’s hard to read.

The list shows the players, along with the percentage owned in Yahoo, so you know who will most likely be a free agent and who might already be owned. As usual, I’ll only include players that are 80% or less owned in leagues, as I assume those with a higher ownership are only available in public leagues that no one cares about. Those in green are the players you should be targeting first, with the yellow guys being those that I’m less excited about. Forget about the players in red, as they’re one-hit-wonders for the most part.

Just a note, I was really high on Aaron Hernandez this year, as was apparent by all my spamblogging about him during the preseason. Just let it be known! (More …)