Brandon’s 2011 fantasy football teams

Just felt like showing off my fantasy football teams for this season, along with a couple of notes based on the similarities and differences between the leagues.

  • Got Patriots TE Aaron Hernandez on all four teams. He has great upside and could easily be the best receiver on the Patriots this year…and he doesn’t cost anything! You can grab a starting tight end earlier in the draft, such as Owen Daniels (who I got in multiple leagues), and still get Hernandez towards the end in case he has a huge year.
  • I never had the courage to draft a top tier quarterback. With a shallow running back and wide receiver class this year, it seemed more important to solidify those positions and then just grab two (or three?) quarterbacks that can be rotated in based on match-ups. It seems I went RB-RB-WR or RB-WR-RB in all of my leagues to start the drafts.
  • Based on them being on more than one of my team’s this year, some of the players I’m high on (and see good value in) are: Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, Ray Rice, Steven Jackson, Frank Gore, Mario Manningham, Wes Welker, Owen Daniels, Jacoby Ford, Aaron Hernandez, DeAngelo Williams and the New England defense.
  • This year Yahoo has Toyota as one of their sponsors and in each league, they award the Toyota best drafted team (or something.) My Beer league team was the only one to win this prize, but one out of four isn’t bad I guess!
  • I wanted to pick my favorite team out of the bunch, but I actually really like all of my teams this year and expect big things from them.
  • My public league team is pretty stacked, but the scoring is wacky, so who knows how good it’ll end up doing!