Oh Ravens, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways… 

  1. First of all, as a Patriots fan, it’s mandatory that I hate the Ravens after they knocked New England out of the playoffs in embarrassing fashion a few years ago.
  2. League #1: Billy Cundiff – I needed 8 points from you to win…not a HUGE thing to ask. You got 1.
  3. League #2: Ray Rice – Needed about 16 points, something you’ve done in nearly every game this year. You got 4.
  4. League #3: Joe Flacco – I know this would have been tough, but you could have gone out and repeated your week three performance for 30+ points and earned me a win. You got 9.
Soooo…I guess there are four ways in which I hate the Ravens. If you add up the times I’ve hated Joe Flacco this year though, there are probably an additional 3-4 hates in there somewhere.