User Requested Player Rankings – Week 9 

As with last year, instead of automatically ranking every player at every position (like the big sites with the big bucks do :-)), I’ll be ranking all requested players against other requested players. For example, if you have four wide receivers and you’re trying to fill three spots, you just comment with the four names and I’ll rank them against eachother. In essence, this will accomplish the same thing as if you were to scan a complete list of wide receivers for where your four guys rank.

Here’s a link to the Google Doc spreadsheet for those viewing on mobile devices. Anyways, feel free to start submitting names for me to rank! I’ll start the list off with a few guys that were on the list last week.

Just a disclaimer…I’m more likely to put your players on the list faster if you just give me a couple names to compare. When you comment with your entire team, it makes me less likely to get the players listed until the very last minute. (View the rankings after the jump)… (More …)