Who made it to the championship?

fantasy football trophyJust checking if we managed to help any of our readers to their league’s championship games. Hopefully at least one of you did!

I ended up in the championship game for one of the big leagues that Matt and I are in…and we play each other for the trophy! Check back later this afternoon for a post about the 2011 FFGeekBlog.com Bowl 🙂

In my public league, I’m one game away from the championship and in the other big league Matt and I do, my team was one Hakeem Nicks dropped touchdown…or Nicks called back touchdown (as you can see, I’m not especially pleased with Hakeem Nicks!) away from the big game. Maybe I can pull off third place and get one of those fancy bronze trophy icons that Yahoo so graciously hands out though.

Anyways…how’d YOU do?!