On hiatus, sorta 

OK, it was probably pretty obvious given that it’s almost August and we haven’t posted in months. This is normally our highest-volume time of the year, when everyone’s getting ready for the draft and coming to sites like ours for advice. We wish that we had the time to fully participate in that conversation this year, but both of our lives are considerably busier now than they were a couple of years ago.

When we have something interesting to say and time to say it, we will, but we won’t be posting regular weekly features (sit/start, waiver wire, etc.) this season.

Also, we’re calling this a hiatus because if/when Brandon and I feel like we have enough time on our hands to return to posting regularly, we will. I know he’s got a lot going on, and my hands are full with two kids still in diapers, but things change. You never know.

Above all else, thanks to everyone who has made this more of a community than a blog. If any of our regular commenters (you know who you are) are interested in guest posting from time to time, we’re open to that. Just let us know.

Oh, and… just one thing I have to mention: Stay the heck away from AP this year, OK? There’s going to be someone in every draft who wildly overspends on him based on name recognition and past performance alone; don’t let that be you. Sorry, just had to get that out. I’m done.