Introducing the Yahoo Fantasy Football Crap Blocker 

Brandon and I do most of our fantasy footballing on Yahoo. We’ve had our complaints with them over the years, but for what it’s worth, no matter how many times we try other sites we always come crawling back to the big purple Y. It’s hard to complain about a free, high-quality service that – at least until this year – didn’t go too over-the-top with the advertising.

Until this year, that is. If you’re a Yahoo! FF user, you’ve no doubt noticed the new Medals and Hall of Fame “features” that are brought to us by our friends at Toyota. The medals are accompanied by some of the most obnoxious prose ever written, and the medal I “won” this week finally broke me:

Venza Head Turner

Just like the Toyota Venza, you’ve got all the eyes on you. You squeaked by with the smallest margin of victory — so enjoy the W and the Head Turner medal.

That did it. I wrote a Chrome extension to banish this nonsense from my sight. It worked like a charm, so I’m sharing it here. The one thing it doesn’t catch right now is the pop-up medal notifications, but I’ll add those soon.

Download the extension here, and please use the comments below to send me feedback.