DOF_rgbWin a $50 gift card!

We love giving out free stuff, so when got in touch with us regarding their NFL Director of Fandemonium promotion, we offered to help promote it with a contest if they’d furnish the prize. They hooked us up with a $50 gift card. Just imagine – you’d finally be able to buy that Seneca Wallace jersey you’ve been coveting!

After you’ve made your prediction below, why not apply to be the NFL Director of Fandemonium and take this guy‘s job? Sounds like a pretty sweet gig.

Thanks for entering, and good luck!

Contest rules:

  1. Using the form below, pick the top fantasy QB for week 9, according to Yahoo’s default scoring:
    • Passing TDs are 4 points
    • Rushing TDs are 6 points
    • INTs and lost fumbles are -2 points
    • 25 passing yards = 1 point
    • 10 rushing yards = 1 point
  2. If you’re the only one to correctly predict the week’s top QB, you win the gift card. This scenario seems unlikely, but hey, you never know.
  3. If multiple people correctly predict the week’s top QB, we will randomly select the winner with the help of
  4. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 10. If you win, we’ll be in touch via e-mail after the contest so we can get your mailing address for the gift card.
  5. One entry per person. If we find that the winner entered more than once (using multiple e-mail addresses or something equally lame), we’ll disqualify them and randomly select another winner from the pool of contestants who picked the right QB.
  6. If nobody selects the top QB, the prize will be awarded to the contestant who selected the highest-scoring QB of those picked. So, if Matt Stafford has a seven-TD game but for some odd reason wasn’t picked by any contestant, we’ll go with the next-highest-scoring QB (and so on down the list until we get to one who was picked by at least one contestant). If multiple contestants chose that QB, we’ll select the winner at random from that group.

Thanks for checking out the contest. We’ll be picking the winner on Tuesday, November 10.