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  • Matt 1:01 pm on June 13, 2011 Permalink
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    Really, you think so? 

    It often appears to me that Yahoo’s “advice” is written either by semi-autonomous machines or remarkably well-trained chimpanzees.

  • Brandon 10:50 am on June 10, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: baseball,   

    Does Yahoo think there’s another baseball strike going on? 

    Was just checking my fantasy baseball team this morning when I noticed the good news…Joe Mauer, Matt Holliday and Ike Davis were off the DL! The bad news? All the players are no longer in the league and are not applicable. Do they know something I don’t? Anyways, what do you think of my team?

    yahoo fantasy baseball players not applicable

  • Matt 8:09 am on March 18, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: baseball   

    I've got a fantasy baseball draft tonig… 

    I’ve got a fantasy baseball draft tonight, auction-style, and I’m more than a little nervous. Two reasons for that: 1) I don’t follow baseball nearly as closely as I do football or even basketball, and 2) I think the draft matters more in fantasy baseball than it does in football.

    That’s not to say that the draft isn’t the most important part of a fantasy football season – that goes without saying. But football’s simply a more uncertain game than baseball – injuries are more prevalent and impact players rise and fall in the blink of an eye. It isn’t all that uncommon for a team that drafted poorly to rise from the ashes thanks to a couple of shrewd waiver-wire additions.

    With fantasy baseball, the team you end the season with is much more likely to look a lot like the team you started with. Which means you’d better bring your A game to the draft if you don’t want to spend the summer sighing over your weak-sauce roster and hoping against hope for that rookie prospect you wildly overspent on to get recalled from AAA.

    • Justin 9:12 am on March 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      At least you start with 4 pretty good keepers, assuming Morales isn’t out too long to start the year.

    • Hawgman 1:59 pm on March 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I gave up on baseball when they canceled the World Series! Gave up on hockey when they canceled the entire season. I really hope the footballers get their shizz together. Fantasy Football is frakkin’ awesome!!

  • Matt 4:58 pm on September 6, 2008 Permalink
    Tags: baseball   

    Goodbye fantasy baseball, and good riddance 

    I’m so glad it’s finally time to turn our attention to the real fantasy sport, in part because what’s happening to my fantasy baseball team right now could never happen in fantasy football. I’m in a tight playoff battle this week (with the league rookie, no less), and today FOUR of my batters aren’t playing because bad weather postponed their games. There are only five offensive categories in our league – AVG, R, HR, RBI, and SB – four of which are cumulative rather than average-based, so I take a big goose egg in all of them when my guys don’t play. My opponent has only one postponed player to deal with.

    It’s crap like this that makes me look forward all the more to fantasy football, and the knowledge that while my players might get hurt or suspended, they’ll never put up a goose egg because of a little rain.

    • ffexchange 8:41 pm on September 6, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      The only way to play fantasy baseball is to ditch the head to head and play with cumulative stats. Far more involved and you don’t have to deal with stuff like this. I actually feel head to head is bad for fantasy football as well, I have finished out of the playoffs before with the most total points in the league.

    • ryan 10:39 pm on September 6, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      You’re not enjoying it because you’re playing head to head. Roto is the only way to play.

    • Matt 11:57 am on September 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Played plenty of roto before, never really enjoyed it. The trash talk just isn’t on the same level.

    • ryan 12:02 pm on September 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      The thing is, baseball isn’t a weekly sport like football is. It’s more suited to daily lineups and a pennant race with 12 teams all year than a weekly win/loss record and playoffs when all the good players are taking extra games off.

    • Matt 12:07 pm on September 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Definitely true, but roto just doesn’t do it for me. I pretty much just treat fantasy baseball like methodone, it holds me over until I can binge on the real thing again come fall.

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