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  • Matt 1:21 pm on August 26, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: cheat sheets, ppr   

    In a PPR league? Make sure you use a PPR cheat sheet. 

    If you’re not the type to build your own custom cheat sheet before the draft, you’ll probably end up downloading a cheat sheet from some website and using that to guide your selections. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that as long as you keep your league’s rules in mind. One of the most common mistakes people make is using a cheat sheet that’s tailored to the wrong scoring rules, and all too often the scoring rule that messes people up is PPR (points per reception), which generally means that players earn 0.5 or 1 points for each reception on top of the points they earn for yardage.

    PPR scoring changes the way you need to draft in two ways: First, wide receivers and tight ends are obviously more valuable, especially possession receivers who catch a lot of short-yardage passes. If you’re in a PPR league where you can start three or more WRs (including flex), you’re going to be at a major disadvantage all season long if you don’t focus on the WR position early in the draft. Second, running backs who catch a lot of passes have much more value than they would otherwise. PPR can turn a nice game for a RB into a monster performance. In a loss last year against the Redskins, LeSean McCoy had a decent fantasy day in non-PPR leagues: 174 combined yards, no touchdowns, one fumble lost. His owners in PPR leagues were much happier with him that week – thanks to his 12 receptions. McCoy led all running backs in receptions last year, which in leagues that awarded one point per reception was enough to make him the second-best fantasy RB (assuming reasonably normal scoring rules otherwise), whereas in most non-PPR leagues he was just barely in the top ten.

    The odds are good that at least a couple of the managers in your PPR league won’t take the scoring rules into account when they draft. If you’re lucky, a top PPR option like Roddy White might slip into the second round, where he’d be an enormous bargain in this format.

    PPR isn’t the only setting to consider on draft day. Don’t forget to take a close look at your league’s scoring and positions. If your league is heavily customized with yardage bonuses, extra flex positions and so on, don’t forget to take that into account. For example, if your league awards six points per passing touchdown rather than four, it’s absolutely essential to grab an elite QB (in my book that means Vick, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, or Rivers. Manning’s health is a major concern, and I just plain don’t trust Romo this year.)

    Here are a few of the best and most up-to-date PPR cheat sheets from around the Web:

    • e-roc 2:08 am on August 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I’m using KFFL’s cheat sheet… it’s nice, but I don’t know if I love their projections… I wish you could customize the projections from other sites in addition to the custom scoring.

  • Matt 2:27 pm on August 28, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: cheat sheets   

    The power of the all-position cheat sheet 

    Most experienced fantasy football managers organize their cheat sheets like Brandon did here – separate rankings for each position. If you have a good understanding of the relative value of each position, it makes sense to keep things organized this way so you can quickly identify the best player at the position you’re hoping to fill in a given round.

    For newbies, however, a combined cheat sheet makes a lot more sense. A co-worker recently asked me for some advice before her first-ever fantasy draft, and I told her to keep it simple and just go by the CBS Top 200 Players list. I told her to simply cross off each player’s name when as they were called and take the highest-ranked player every round until the mid-way point, at which point she should start making sure she had enough players at each position. She promised to “stick the the sheet” as closely as possible.

    Here’s the squad she wound up with in her ten-team league with many experienced fantasy footballers (and a few other novices). I envy this team. Deeply.

    She had the first overall pick. The round each player was taken in is indicated in parentheses.


    Matt Schaub (4)
    Alex Smith (12)


    Chris Johnson (1)
    DeAngelo Williams (2)
    Cedric Benson (3)
    Cadillac Williams (5)


    Miles Austin (6)
    Steve Smith (7)
    Sidney Rice (8)*
    Donald Driver (9)


    Visanthe Shiancoe (10)
    Zach Miller (11)


    Cowboys (13)
    Patriots (14)


    Lawrence Tynes (15)

    * Draft was done before the extent of his health issues were known.

    Now obviously she’s got some concerns at WR with Rice’s situation, but aside from that – did she own this joint or what? I give her tons of credit for sticking to the sheet and drafting RB-RB-RB right off the bat, which was probably pretty nervewracking.

    • Shirley 4:45 pm on August 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Amazing team, especially all the RBs.

    • Steve 11:44 pm on August 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Who did she draft with that let Miles Austin fall to round 6. Insanity. But seriously…a great team.

    • Mal 8:16 am on September 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Guys, good to be back in the swing, got my draft order today so lately no questions just reading.

      Q1- I’m 8th- was thinking RB, QB ?
      Q2 – What is VJax’s value? Chargers or not he is a beast?
      Q3 – Which RBs are threatened by their backups the most? One reason I don’t like Deangelo being so high?
      Q4 – Saw Matthews go at #8 on an NFL.com draft, thoughts?

      Thoughts on it all? I’m going to edit Brandons sheet for my draft on the 4th so thanks for that. SPREAD IT ON!

      • Matt 8:55 am on September 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I don’t think QB in round 1 is necessary this year – the top four guys are so closely bunched in how I see their value that you can pretty safely wait until the 2nd round if you want one of them, and possibly the third (though that’s pretty risky with the 8th pick).

        VJax’s situation is just way up in the air. I don’t think his agent could even answer your question right now.

        I think Shonn Greene has the most to fear – LJ is used to working with an offensive line of that caliber and he’s going to excel every time he touches the ball, making it tough for the coaches to bench him. Greene’s going to have to improve in protection and hold onto the ball if he wants to secure the lion’s share of the workload.

        Mathews is a nice RB but there are better options at #8 overall in any format.

        • Mal 12:43 am on September 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Thanks a lot Matt-

          I think at 8 I’m going to go, best RB I can get then get a decent QB with that close next pick. I agree, I put Rogers, brees, manning and brady (nearly rivers too) in the same grade of QB.

          With your advice I will steer clear of Greene and Williams. I also notice Jamaal Charles gets left hanging a bit in mock drafts?

          So @ 8th, I get the 2 picks within 6 turns. So RB,QB I think is pretty solid for the first two, 2nd 2 i’ve been going WR, WR as the RB talent drops very quickly. I am usually left with that section of thomas, stewart, mccoy, wells, foster, best etc to pick my 2nd RB from, who is the best value RB for that that you find down the list a bit?

        • Matt 11:12 am on September 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Careful not to set your positional strategy in stone – I’d caution you against going into the draft with your mind made up as to the positions you’re drafting in the first few rounds. What if the first seven picks are all RB? Do you really want to pass on Andre Johnson – who in my opinion is in a league of his own at WR – and draft the 8th-best RB instead?

  • Brandon 10:11 am on August 26, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: cheat sheets   

    Free 2010 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 

    While searching for a free cheat sheet online to use as the basis for my own rankings, I realized that most websites don’t put them in a format that is great for using as a draft day list. So, while I was putting together a really quick cheat sheet for reference during my upcoming drafts, I wanted to share it with our readers to use at least as the basis for their own cheat sheets (it’s a Google Docs spreadsheet):

    FFGeekBlog.com’s 2010 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

    Keep in mind that I threw this together in about half an hour and didn’t take painstaking effort to make sure all of the wide receivers in the 40-60 group (for example) are exactly in the order I’d draft them. Most of the players atop the lists are close to how I would pick them in a standard league though.

    If you see anything crazy on the lists that doesn’t make sense or have left out important players, please let me know so I can update it ASAP!

    • Mark 1:25 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      It’s interesting to look at the RB rankings. We had discussed earlier about how there isn’t a real significant difference between Barber (17) and Jacobs (34) and yet they are 17 spots apart. At least McCoy, Charles and Moreno would rank higher than Barber in my book, because of their upside, but overall I think it looks pretty good. I think it shows that there is a big dropoff in runningbacks, but I’m not sure where that line is (Ryan Grant? Pierre Thomas?) Thanks!

      • Mark 1:27 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I also forgot to mention you must not be too high on Jerome Harrison

      • Brandon 8:59 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Mark, I took this list from another site yesterday and made some quick, obvious modifications to make it “my own.” However, I hadn’t given it a thorough look unfortunately. Not sure what the other site was thinking on some of the rankings! Anyways, I’ve gone through again this morning and made some more updates to make it more FFGeekBlog-ish. Give it another look over if you have some time and let me know what you think!

    • tommy 1:48 pm on August 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for this sheet guys. Just used it a bit on my draft that I just finished.

      This is the 2nd league I was talking about…2 QBs start as well, but it’s a 10 team league. normal ppr (.5 per reception).

      QB Peyton Manning
      QB Alex Smith
      WR Marques Colston
      WR Wes Welker
      WR Johnny Knox
      RB Steven Jackson
      RB Beanie Wells
      TE Vernon Davis
      W/R CJ Spiller

      Zach Miller
      Devin Hester

      K Lawrence Tynes
      D/ST Arizona
      D Charles Woodson

      What do you think? I think this was a pretty damn good draft.

      • e-roc 8:19 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        If S-Jax and Beanie can stay healthy for the entire season, you’ll end up with one of the top teams in your league.

      • Brandon 9:20 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Solid team there, I’m just hoping for you that your running backs can score enough touchdowns. Clinton Portis could end up being a solid pickup if he can establish himself as the main man in Washington.

      • Steve 11:50 pm on August 28, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Slight weaknesses at running back, but I love the depth. Rothlisberger is a nice pickup. Gonna be a solid starting QB once he comes back.

        • Paul 1:44 pm on September 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          We have a 14 team league and we start QB, WR,WR,WR/RB,RB,RB,WR/TE,DST,K
          I like my receiver group but don’t feel good yet about the RBs.
          Comments/suggestions appreciated.

          Eli Manning
          Ben Roethlisberger

          Beanie Wells
          Jerome Harrison
          Kareem Huggins

          Andre Johnson
          Calvin Johnson
          Steve Smith (NYG)
          Mike Wallace
          Early Doucet
          Golden Tate

          Jason Witten

          Pitt DST

          Jay Feely

        • Brandon 8:47 am on September 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Unfortunately Paul, you’re right to be worried about that running back squad. I could be proven completely wrong when the season starts, but Beanie Wells has scared me this preseason. If he or Harrison gets hurt or demoted early, you could really be in some trouble. I do like your top four receivers though. Good luck!

    • Squish 4:26 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      For the most part you guys seem to have a really solid cheatsheet. there were a few guys I furled my brow at but other than that it’s okay.

      May I ask exactly why you seem to be so high on Meachem. I mean sure he did well at some points last season but the only reason he was viable was because he was a red zone hawk. He was all but useless on the rest of the field. Hell, he only netted 6 receptions for 37 yards total in his last 4 games. He barely got starting time even with Lance Moore out and when Moore came back, Meachem didn’t start for 4 straight games! How is it that you (or any other site for that matter) can have such faith in an unproven WR3? I’d put much more stock in someone like Nicks who is his teams top playmaking WR. And to have Meachem ahead of Ward?! That’s sacrilege! Are you guys assuming that somehow Meachem is going to past Colston as New Orleans primary WR? Also, I don’t see how Berrian can be ahead of Harvin when Harvin is ahead of him on the team’s depth chart and is clearly one of Favre’s favorite targets. I know he has a migraine problem but he had the same problem last year and nobody knocked him for it!

      Also, any particular reason you like Marion Barber this year? It seems odd to put a clear committee back on a passing team with injury issues ahead of solid solo RB1 starters like Forte, McCoy, and even Best. You have him at 16th best RB. Most other sites have him at about 25th-27th best RB. I have him at 24th best Rb and I thought I was being generous. Do you guys know something the rest of us don’t?

      Anyway other than a few anomalies it seems solid. Keep up the good work!

      • Brandon 9:14 am on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Hey Squish, you’ll have to excuse some of the rankings on the list. I took this list from another website to use as a starting point and didn’t get enough time to fully update it with our own modifications before releasing it into the wild. I’ve made some major updates this morning, so take a look and see what you think now.

        • Squish 9:38 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Now that’s more like it! I thought you guys had gone insane on me! I’m not very high on DeSean Jackson this year but I can’t fault anyone for having him ranked that high. Looks good! I’m glad you’ll be updating it. Too many sites these days have a month old cheat sheet up come draft time. Anyway props for the cheat sheet and continuing the great site. I’m looking forward to another year of geekdom!

          • Brandon 11:42 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

            Might not be as high on DeSean Jackson after the back injury today! But we’ll see later and possibly adjust the list. Feel free to offer any suggestions though so we can make this the best cheat sheet around.

    • Steve 12:42 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Larry Fitz or Greg Jennings? Who is best fantasy option. And can jamaal Charles keep up the form he showed at the end of last season to be a number 1 fantasy back?

      • Brandon 1:18 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        At this point I like Greg Jennings more than Fitz, based solely on the guy who is throwing each of them the ball. As for Jamaal Charles, I’m scared a bit by Thomas Jones. I wouldn’t want Charles as my RB1, but as an RB2 he could be alright. You should be able to draft him as your RB2 as well, as I think a lot of other people share my concerns.

    • Steve 1:49 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I could get MJD or gore if I pick at the start of the first round in my PPR keeper league. My QB is brees, and then if I keep Jennings over Fitz and do u think DeAngelo Williams over Charles? Or will jonathan Stewart take more carries than he did last year? My deadline is today and I’m finding it hard to decide.

      • Brandon 3:00 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I like MJD, Jennings and DeAngelo Williams out of those guys. I expect a lot of running for the Panthers this year, so both Williams AND Stewart should see plenty of carries. Good luck!

    • Shane 4:23 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Brandon – Thanks for posting this, definitely the best formatted list out there. Are you continually updating this to account for injuries, roster moves, arrests, etc.? I draft the day before the first game, so I just wanted to check. Thanks again!

      • Brandon 4:46 pm on August 27, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I’ll keep updating this list all the way until the regular season for sure, so keep checking back. If you see some news that you feel requires an update to the list, feel free to leave a comment so I can make the update. I like to think of it as a community effort, so any recommendations will be at least taken into account.

    • Duck Duck Gray Duck 5:29 pm on July 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      If you need a funny name for your Fantasy Football team, try some of these: http://bit.ly/QO8YJ9

  • Brandon 11:20 pm on August 18, 2009 Permalink
    Tags: , cheat sheets, ,   

    It's amazing what a few days of headline news can do to Michael Vick and Brett … 

    It’s amazing what a few days of headline news can do to Michael Vick and Brett Favre’s spots on our quarterback cheat sheet! Both went from being afterthoughts to being very draft-able in a very short amount of time.

  • Brandon 10:54 am on August 12, 2009 Permalink
    Tags: cheat sheets,   

    Quarterback rankings are updated with a whole slew of new names, including some who are competing for starting jobs and a few rookies thrown in the mix.

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