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  • Brandon 11:10 pm on September 10, 2008 Permalink
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    Studs and Duds – Week 2: Ryan Grant ready to roll! 

    After all the dust has settled and the injury count has been tallied (bye bye Brady, Burleson, Alex Smith and for a little while, Colston), it’s time to recount my predictions for the previous weekend and give you a few more for week two of the season. According to my slightly-biased count, I finished last week 13-7-6, which isn’t all that bad I guess. Some of my better picks included Thomas Jones, who re-assumed his spot in fantasy football relevance with a strong showing against the Dolphins and Chris Perry, who did very little with his first chance to shine as the Bengals new starting running back, as expected. On the flip-side, I did miss a few picks, including Ricky Williams, who returned to his role as a deadbeat (in fantasy production that is) against the Jets, while Brandon “The Bruiser” Jacobs taught me (and LaRon Landry) never to doubt him again. Anyways, it’s time for your week two studs and duds, so hopefully I can provide a little insight that can help your team this upcoming weekend…


    Ryan Grant, RB, Packers: Unless Michael Turner is one of the greatest running backs of all time, I see no reason why Grant shouldn’t be able to exploit the same gaping weakness in the Lions defense that the Falcons did when they obliterated (for some reason the word seems like an understatement) them for 318 rushing yards in week one!

    LenDale White, RB / Chris Johnson, RB, Titans: If the Ravens, minus an injured Willis McGahee, could pound it out for 229 yards last weekend against the Cincinnati Bungholes, I have to believe a more talented duo can at least do the same. You should expect LenDale White (thunder) and Chris Johnson (lightning) to run the ball non-stop while the quarterback position for the Titans is currently going through somewhat of a a rough patch. (More …)

    • Advisor 2:41 pm on September 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Brandon,

      Nice analysis.. I have a feeling that things are going to get shaken up a bit in week 2. Ray Rice may have a difficult week, not because of his ability but because of his QBs ability. I think Houston is going to throw the kitchen sink at Flacco this week.

      Slaton may not be a good option for this week or next, but he’s got wheels and he will have some solid games, especially now that he’s starting for an injured Ahman Green.

    • NG2000 3:30 pm on September 14, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Valuable resource of Ryan Grant news summaries: http://www.ng2000.com/fw.php?tp=ryan-grant

    • Rolando Peterson 6:14 pm on November 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply


  • Brandon 2:33 pm on September 4, 2008 Permalink
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    Studs and Duds – Week 1: Opening Day edition! 

    After months and months of waiting, prognosticating, and drafting many a fantasy football team, the day has finally come to get this show on the road! Tonight the defending Superbowl champion New York Giants will host division rivals, the Washington Redskins. Even though they’re the champs, I have a feeling it won’t mean much for New York in this one. It seems that every game in this division is a battle to the end and the G-Men will have to go into this one without their two leading pass rushers from last season in Michael Strahan (retirement) and Osi Umenyiora (injury), while also looking to a young tight end (Kevin Boss) to replace the disgruntled and traded Jeremy Schockey. As a Patriots fan, all I can say is GO REDSKINS! Anyways, enough of the ranting about a game I really don’t care all that much about, and on to some important stuff…like who you should feel confident starting (studs) and who you should think about benching (duds) for this coming week in fantasy football. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL???


    Marion Barber (RB-DAL): This is Barber’s first chance to prove that he has what it takes to be a feature back, now that Julius Jones has left town, and it couldn’t have come against a better opponent. Last season the Browns gave up nearly 130 yards per game on the ground and that is the kind of production you can expect from Barber in this one (with maybe a touchdown or two). If all goes according to plan, Barber should be one of the top running back plays of the week. (More …)

    • Jason 3:22 pm on September 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      2007 Week 15 Brandon Jacobs ran for 130 yards against the Redskins and 3 catches for 30 yards. Game was at NY.

    • Brandon 3:32 pm on September 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Jason: That’s true…and it was one yard shy of his career best apparently. However, he got 25 of the teams 28 rushing attempts, something I see changing a bit in this one with Ahmad Bradshaw helping out. We’ll see though…

    • Brandon 9:13 pm on September 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hmm…Jacobs seems to be ignoring my prediction for the most part. Also, I didn’t know the Washington offense would be so bad this year!

    • Jason 10:12 am on September 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      well, Washington looked terrible. Hard to say if the Giants are good or the Redskins are that bad. Love watching Jacobs run, though. Hope he stays healthy.

    • Brandon 10:22 am on September 5, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Jason: Yeah looks like my prediction wasn’t so accurate, but it didn’t look like the Giants were in a rush to use Jacobs around the end zone, which could be concerning. The Redskins just looked horrible on offense and I’m glad I own zero of their players on any of my fantasy teams. Jacobs is a bruiser for sure though…he completely destroyed that one defender that tried to bring him down. I wouldn’t expect him to rush for over 6 yards a carry all season long, but you’ll take it if you can get it I guess.

  • Brandon 4:49 pm on September 2, 2008 Permalink
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    Post-draft waiver wire notes 

    Did you have the draft for your fantasy league yet? If so, how long ago? If it was over a week ago and you haven’t taken another look at your team, you might want to log-in and check the status of the following players, whose value has increased/decreased dramatically since you picked your squad…

    • Kurt Warner (QB-ARI): When ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Cardinals were going to name Warner the starter over Matt Leinart, head coach Ken Whisenhunt was quick to squash the rumor, questioning why Mortensen was making decisions for the team when it wasn’t his job. Then Whisenhunt waited a few days…and named Kurt Warner the starter on opening day. Although Whisenhunt wasn’t fooling anyone but himself, he might have raised enough questions to keep both Warner’s and Leinart’s names off your league’s draft results list. Now that we know Warner will be starting the season at quarterback though, it’s time to assess the position for your team. With the weapons Warner has at receiver, he always has a chance to put up solid fantasy numbers. You’ll want to look at his schedule if you plan to start him early in the year though, as the team has some pretty tough match-ups to start the season, going to San Francisco and at home versus the Dolphins (I know they sound easy, but they were actually tied for the third best pass defenses in terms of yards per game allowed last season!) Weeks three and four get much easier though, against Redskins and Jets, who were 30th and 26th respectively in passing yards per game allowed. (More …)
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