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  • Matt 11:58 am on October 2, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: dez bryant   

    Dez Bryant is in. With Miles Austin out, he’s in for a lot of looks.

    • Neil 11:27 pm on October 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Matt. I want your take on this situation I have going on. In a 2QB-12 team league, so every starting QB is on someone’s team. Me, I got stuck with Jay Cutler and Tarvaris Jackson (thanks to autodraft). There is a guy in my league who is looking to trade Cam Newton. He proposed an absolutely preposterous trade offer middle of last week. (Cam and Carnell Williams for LeSean McCoy and Arian Foster). Well it appears he is getting on the desperate side to get some RBs or WRs (based on the msg he just posted in our league). What do you think would be a fair and attractive offer?

      My Team: Hakeem Nicks, Torey Smith, Mario Manningham, Jordy Nelson, Nate Burleson, Eric Decker, Arian Foster, LeSean McCoy, Beanie Wells, Bernard Scott, James Casey, Jay Cutler, Tarvaris Jackson, DET def, Jermichael Finley, Mason Crosby.

      His Team: Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Greg Jennings, Chad Ochocinco, Javhid Best, BJGE, Jason Witten, Denarius Moore, Mike Sims-Walker, Devin Hester, Carnell Williams, Knowshon Moreno, Danny Woodhead, Roubie Gould, NYG def.

      Also, what do you think about getting rid of Scott and picking up either Stewart or Reggie Bush?

      (I am still new to what makes trades attractive this being my Rookie year and all, so any help is appreciated. And my QB situation is really killing me. Now 0-4 on the season. One tip I did get from Brandon was to try splitting up the Giants WR duo by looking to swap Manningham and Sims-Walker. I am interest in hear your take on this.)

      • Matt 12:27 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Based on what this guy apparently thinks Cam Newton is worth, I think you’re wasting your time trying to make a deal with him. Is he starting Newton over Vick?

        I’d drop Scott for Stewart – he’s an OK plug-in start now whereas Scott is really just a Benson handcuff.

        I agree, you have to make a move at QB. You’re positively stacked at RB so that’s where I’d focus on making a move. Try and work a 2-for-2 deal where you improve at QB and lose some RB value… something like McCoy and Cutler for Drew Brees and Shonn Greene… obviously that’s just an example off the top of my head but you get the idea.

        • Neil 6:40 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          He is not starting Cam over Matt Ryan or Vick. This is what I am thinking. There is another person who is showing interest in Cam this week, and unfortunately, no one else is willing to trade a QB at this time. (at least not without me giving up more than I would like to).

          Here are the two trade scenarios i have come up with. Which do you think is more reasonable?

          Cam and Mike Sims-Walker for McCoy and Manningham
          Cam and Moore for McCoy and Manningham

    • Schrodinger's Cat 1:36 am on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Should I drop David Nelson for Sidney Rice?

      • Matt 12:27 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply


        • james hance 9:00 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          for sure! sidney rice is insane! and jordy nelson sucks!

          • Shirley 7:24 am on October 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            David Nelson and Jordy Nelson are two different people.

            • Matt 8:35 am on October 4, 2011 Permalink


    • ManningFan 3:28 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Matt I have a question. I have Hillis, Bradshaw, and Wells as my 3 RB’s in my league, can only have 3, 2 start 1 sits. Hillis has burned me pretty bad, but Bradshaw and Wells have been pretty decent for a RB2 option with their TD’s being the saving grace. But Matthews is out there, nobody has picked him up yet, should I drop one of my RB’s and pick up Matthews, or just keep the 3 I have? The thing that worries me is that Bradshaw is splitting carries with Jacobs, and Jacobs gets the short yardage TD runs that really hurt Bradshaw’s TD’s in fantasy. Hillis has been on and off since the season started, and Wells is showing up pretty big this year. So what do you think I should do?

      • Matt 3:54 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I think Ryan Mathews actually has the highest upside of any of these four, so absolutely you should pick him up. The only hard thing to decide on is who to drop. I’d drop Bradshaw because he gets the fewest carries.

        • ManningFan 3:56 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          So you think Hillis will eventually turn it around? He’s been splitting 50/50 lately.

          • james hance 9:00 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            ya he`l end up doing fine the browns have no passing game so they`l have to rely on hillis

    • jmac 11:31 pm on October 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hello all. Off to a rough 1-3 start. What defense do you like this weekend and going forward?? TEN and HOU are available.

    • Culver 12:45 am on October 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Would I be jumping the gun picking up Curtis Painter after his competent debut tonight? My QB situation is absolutely killing me. I have Big Ben and Cutler. Frankly I don’t see either surviving the whole season behind those lines, and even if they do, they’re doing virtually nothing for me.

      I know most of Painter’s points this week came on a pair of home run plays by Garçon, so I’d have very tempered expectations, but with the weapons on that offense is it unreasonable to think he has the best upside available on the average wire and a better option than Cutler going forward?

    • Rick 2:55 am on October 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Should I do this.
      I get Blount and I trade Percy Harvin and Felix jones

  • Brandon 8:33 am on December 6, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: dez bryant,   

    Dez Bryant out for year – try to trade for him in keeper leagues! 

    In case the trade deadline hasn’t passed in your league…and you’re in a keeper league, now might be the time to make a quick, sneaky trade for him. Bryant broke his ankle yesterday and will be out for the rest of the year. However, if you have a manager in your league who has Bryant, but is willing to make a drastic move to increase his chances of winning THIS year, you might be able to swipe him for next season. It’s worth a shot!

    • Marques 9:23 am on December 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Funny thing is – if you’re a Bryant owner (like I am) you are anxiously awaiting the Cowboys putting him on IR so you can move him to the IR spot and keep him for next year. I kinda wish the Cowboys could just do it in-game (“He’s got a broken ankle, you’re on IR now”)

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