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  • Matt 3:50 pm on September 26, 2009 Permalink
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    Top Five at Five: Week 3 

    Kill me. Now. I was almost done with this post, and then an errant click on the back button wiped it out because I hadn’t thought to save it as a draft yet. Sigh.

    The following are my top five picks for the week at the five positions I give a crap about – i.e., everything but the kicker.


    1. Drew Brees (@BUF) – He’s in a league of his own, and will occupy this position in the weekly rankings regardless of the matchup until I’m given a good reason to change my mind, which doesn’t seem likely to happen.
    2. Tony Romo (vs. CAR) – He’s the A-Rod of the NFL: He saves his biggest performances for the weakest opponents. (Oh, and he plays for the flashiest team in a shiny new stadium, has dalliances with pop singers, and is alternately exalted and skewered by both the local and national media.)
    3. Peyton Manning (@ARI) – Arizona’s been good against the pass so far, but their opponents (JAX and SF) don’t have aerial attacks anywhere close to the same class as Indy’s. This will almost surely be a shootout. Speaking of which…
    4. Kurt Warner (vs. IND) – If it’s a shootout you’re selling, Warner’s buying. If he wasn’t slightly bothered by a shoulder injury, I’d like him a little bit more than Manning this week.
    5. Tom Brady (vs. ATL) – Rust, the Jets, and Welker’s absence are all valid excuses. But one more off week and he won’t make this list again until he looks like the Brady we used to know. I’m guessing here that the recent Moss injury reports are just a Belichick game of some sort since he was fine all week.

    (More …)

    • John 6:01 pm on September 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      For my flex spot, Cadillac Williams, Todd Heap, Devin Hester, Davone Bess, or Mike Sims-Walker?

    • Eric 9:46 pm on September 26, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I like Winslow this week too. I’m so torn between him or Witten.. up until tonight I had both of them… and Keller. I just dropped Keller to make room for an IDP that I needed, which broke my heart because I really like him. Talk about depth at TE this year!! I need your help trying to figure out my RB and RB/WR slots for this week. I’m going crazy over it. I have 2 RB and 2 RB/WR’s slots, and I have the following to choose from. This is a PPR league, and we also get points for return yards and TD’s. As of right now, I have Sproles and MJD as my starting RB’s, with Slaton and Johnny Knox as my flex. I also could choose from Benson, Breaston, Jonathon Stewart, Eddie Royal and Dewayne Bowe. My gut tells me to sit Slaton… but he HAS to do somehting soon, doesn’t he?? I keep thinking I should bench both Slaton and Knox, and go with Benson and Stewart. What are your thoughts? I am in a must-win situation this week. With MJD and Slaton starting out so slow, and Jennings doing nothing last week, I’m out to a lethargic 0-2 start. Thanks fellas!

  • Matt 1:22 pm on September 14, 2009 Permalink
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    Thoughts on Eagles/McNabb/Vick: There's no way in hell Andy Reid makes him the … 

    Thoughts on Eagles/McNabb/Vick: There’s no way in hell Andy Reid makes him the starter any time soon, even though many Eagles fans (the ones who aren’t paying very close attention) will surely be clamoring for it. Reid’s motivations for bringing Vick to the team, as I understood them, were twofold: 1) He genuinely believed that Vick could be rehabilitated if given enough time and the chance to be a contributor – not the star – for an NFL team; 2) He believed that Vick had a solid chance to become a dangerous weapon that, integrated into the Eagles’ already-potent offense, could make the difference in the division. Making Vick the starter in week 3 would be exactly what he and the Eagles don’t need – a spectacle that could destroy Vick’s return to the NFL and cost the Eagles a shot at a championship.

    • e-roc 2:25 pm on September 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      +1. Die-hard “Iggles” fans are not pounding their fists for Vick…. Die-hard Iggles fans are crossing their fingers hoping McNabb comes back in Week 2.

      • Matt 3:22 pm on September 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        They aren’t yet, but if McNabb comes back and struggles, or if he misses a few games and Kolb is awful…

    • Ross 5:36 pm on September 14, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Appears that they’re bringing in Garcia to take over while Mcnabb is injured.

      • Squish 5:15 am on September 15, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        Yep, and Garcia’s a crowd favorite there already. He should do just fine if he has to start a few games. If McNabb can’t go next week, look for Garcia to get the start and consider starting hims again NO in what should be a high flying game.

  • Matt 11:14 am on August 14, 2009 Permalink
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    This sums it up pretty well: Vick needs Eagles, but they don't need him. Glad … 

    This sums it up pretty well: Vick needs Eagles, but they don’t need him.

    Glad I’m not crazy.

  • Brandon 9:02 am on August 6, 2009 Permalink
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    Team defense rankings for 2009 

    Here are the team defense rankings for 2009. There are three basic categories for defenses, 1) those that are worth drafting, 2) defenses that are good if you need/want two so you can switch from week to week, and 3) defensive units that are only useful for spot-starts here and there throughout the season. Please note that these rankings are based primarily on just the defense aspect of a team and not as much for special teams. If your league rewards you for kick returns, your rankings may differ slightly (here’s a list of the top kick returners in the league.)


  • 1. Pittsburgh Steelers – They were dominant last year and it appears they’ll be just as good this season.
  • 2. Minnesota Vikings – Solid defense that stops the run and will score some touchdowns off turnovers.
  • 3. New York Giants – Osi Umenyiora returning from injury should improve the pass rush even more, forcing turnovers.
  • 4. Baltimore Ravens – They lost their coordinator in the off-season, but they’re still loaded with big names such as Lewis, Suggs and Reed.
  • 5. New York Jets – They got coach Rex Ryan from Baltimore, along with Bart Scott, plus Lito Sheppard adds some veteran experience.
  • 6. Dallas Cowboys – They led the league in sacks last year and played much better towards the end. Let’s see if it continues into this season.
  • 7. Philadelphia Eagles
  • 8. Tennessee Titans – The Titans defense has been dominant in the past, but they’ve lost Albert Haynesworth to Washington and their coordinator to the Lions. They still have a lot to work with though.
  • 9. Chicago Bears – They’re not quite as dominant as they’ve been in the past, but they still force a lot of turnovers.
  • 10. New England Patriots – They go into the season looking very healthy at this point, while young players Jerod Mayo and Brandon Meriweather have another year of playing under their belt. The high-powered offense will force opposing teams to abandon the run early and should get a lot of turnovers.
  • (More …)

    • Andrew 11:24 am on August 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I don’t agree with the Chargers being so low in your rankings. They were at a loss of their leading defensive player last year and with the newly picked up Larry English, I see the Chargers being right back up there in the top.

      • Brandon 10:25 am on August 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply

        We’ll see, who knows that it wasn’t all the performance enhancing drugs that made Shawne Merriman so lethal.

  • Brandon 9:18 pm on August 14, 2008 Permalink
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    Random thoughts on tonight's preseason games 

    • Just turned on the Carolina vs Philadelphia game…after barely playing at all last week, Delhomme is not having the type of game (2/4 for 18 yards) so far that makes me want to run out and draft him as my starting quarterback. Although he’s only had 4 attempts, the offense in general looks uninspired and like something that I want to stay away from going into my upcoming drafts.
    • Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown left the game with some kind of hamstring injury, but no news on the severity yet. Rookie DeSean Jackson is now lined up opposite Kevin Curtis, so we should get a good look at him. He already has one catch for 11 yards.
    • The Eagles / Panthers game was looking like a real barn burner (note: sarcasm)…and now it’s delayed due to bad weather…awesome!
    • Looking at the stats to the Bills / Steelers game, seems as if that should be the game that’s on TV, as there seems to be a little more action (Buffalo is leading 14-7 at half). (More …)
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