Favre's back for sure, unclear whether he'll remain with Pack 

The Most Awkward Comeback Ever is finally a reality:

The Green Bay Packers reluctantly embraced Favre’s forced return to the football field Sunday, after failing to come to a financial agreement that would manage to make Favre happy while staying retired.

And while it’s not yet clear what role Favre will play once he reports to Packers camp Monday, Aaron Rodgers says he’s ready for a potential competition with Favre after serving as his backup for three seasons.

It’s still unclear whether Favre will be traded. The Vikings seem to be back in the picture as his potential future home. They’d clearly be a perfect fit in every way but one: They just so happen to be Green Bay’s most hated division rival. Minnesota has a solid (if lopsided) defense, the best running game in the league – and a quarterback in Tarvaris Jackson who’s probably got one last season to prove he can play at this level before he’s cut loose. Stick Favre into this mix and you’d upgrade the Vikings from a trendy-pick contender to a serious force to be reckoned with. This trade would be excruciating for Packer fans – and a lot of fun to watch for the rest of us.

Aaron Rodgers is promising to make it competitive, but he won’t, so let’s just go ahead and forget about him. If Favre stays in Green Bay, the value of every offensive player on the team is positively affected. My biggest concern about Ryan Grant has been that, with Rodgers behind center, teams would simply focus on stuffing the run. If Favre’s there, I see no reason not to expect him to return to the consistent performance his owners enjoyed in the second half of last season. Receivers Jennings, Driver and Jones all would benefit as well.

Aren’t soap operas fun?