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  • Brandon 11:21 am on October 10, 2011 Permalink
    Tags: league of champions,   

    Don’t laugh 

    Okay, you can laugh. Sadly/amazingly, this is my team in a league where I’m (not for long) in first place. You have to love when your backup running back is hurt the week you needed him as a BYE week fill-in. Earnest Graham filled in admirably in place of Brandon Jacobs though (NOT!) Let’s hope for a 50 point game from both Matthew Stafford AND Matt Forte! (More …)

    • james hance 5:43 pm on October 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      shuld i do this trade i get Marshal (alredy had his bye) and S. greene he gets fitzgerald and J. stewart My Team——- Brees Hassleback, mccoy sproles (stewart) (fitzgerald) stevie johnson miles austin AJ green nate washington gregolson should i do the trade?

      • james hance 5:47 pm on October 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        and if i do the trade who should i start @ WRs and 1 W/R austin AJ green stevie johnson or marshall?(can only start 3 ):

      • Brandon 9:47 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Not really loving this trade as Fitzgerald is the only solid player in the whole group. Would you ever even start Shonn Greene? He’d be your bye week fill-in I guess and then Marshall would just join your rotation of decent wide outs. Fitz is the only sure starter and I’d probably hang on to him.

        • james hance 11:00 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          but marshal alredy had his bye week

          • james hance 11:01 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            and i alredy did the trade which 3 shuld i start AJ green austin stevi johnson or marshal?

          • Brandon 11:05 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            hah, well in THAT case, as long as Miles Austin plays, you start him. Especially against the Patriots. As for the other two, you’ll have to wait for my rankings for my definitive answer, but I’m thinking Green and Stevie, since Marshall will be blanketed by Revis all afternoon.

            • james hance 12:39 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink

              OK THANX

    • MR 10:03 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hey, Greg Olsen just came available in my league. Is it time to cut ties with either Dallas Clark or Fred Davis to pick him up?? Ben Watson is also available. I’m thinking of dropping both and picking him up also. Thoughts?? Thank you!

      • Brandon 10:07 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I’d keep Dallas Clark, but feel free to drop Fred Davis for Greg Olsen!

        • MR 10:22 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          thanks!! One more question… I have Larry Fitzgerald on a bye should I just play Lance Moore or Jacoby Ford??.. Or should I maybe swap one out (Jacoby Ford) for Heyward-Bey?? Thanks agian!

          • Brandon 10:58 am on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            I think at this point I’d grab Heyward-Bey and ditch Ford. It could end up that they both have big weeks here and there and that there’s no clear-cut better guy, but Heyward-Bey is the hot hand at the moment.

    • JMac 12:34 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      What do you think about Tebow?? I have Big Ben and Hasselbeck..I’m 1-4 and need a spark. Do I drop Hasselbeck and gamble on Tebow?? He may be this years Vick! And how do you feel about Wash Defense??

      • Brandon 1:23 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Grab Tebow for Hasselbeck for sure. As for the Washington defense, they seem to be fairly solid, but I’ve been rotating defenses almost weekly at this point anyways.

        • steeve 4:24 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          at what point is it okay to drop TB Mike Williams?

          He’s next to go on my team with short benches to make room for a 2nd defense because I want to rotate them as well, actually for Washington also..

          [After his must start status finishing the end of last season, I haven’t played him now since his week 2 debacle, and in this league where I can start as few as 1 WR if needed, he’s not going to be getting the start any time soon..]

          • Brandon 9:47 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            While I probably wouldn’t promote dropping him for a defense (unless scoring in the league favors defenses), he’s probably on a short leash in a league with your settings. Do you have two other solid WR’s so he’s expendable?

            • steeve 9:25 am on October 12, 2011 Permalink

              yeah I hear that.. nothing out of the ordinary as far as the scoring goes I don’t think, there are more ways to score than my other leagues but that’s across the board for all positions..

              we start WR, RB, WR/RB, WR/RB.. I have F.Jackson, A.Foster, Torain, Blount.. Fitzgerald, Harvin, D.Nelson & Mike Williams.. so I don’t have him any higher than Harvin or Nelson?

              and I was thinking of starting Washington (vs. Eagles) over San Francisco (vs Lions) but didn’t want to drop SF because after their BYE I don’t think I would need to swap them out much.

    • Will 12:54 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hey Brandon,

      I need a replacement for Decker this week. Projection says I should win anyway, so should I drop someone and pick up David Nelson (or anybody else), or just leave my roster as-is? I picked up Mike Nugent last week for Dan Bailey’s bye week but now I’m not sure if I should keep both or drop one.

      Josh Freeman QB
      Maurice Jones-Drew RB
      Fred Jackson RB
      Lesean Mccoy RB
      A.J. Green WR
      Eric Decker WR ** BYE **
      Jason Witten TE
      49ers D/ST
      Mike Nugent K

      Deangelo Williams Rb
      Brandon Lloyd WR ** BYE **
      Brandon Jacobs RB
      Willis Mcgahee RB ** BYE **
      Thomas Jones RB ** BYE **
      Dan Bailey K
      Jared Cook TE ** BYE **

      • Will 12:55 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        also picked up jared cook for witten’s bye week. could maybe drop him too. you’re the expert (despite your unfortunate upcoming week), so i trust your judgement lol

      • Brandon 1:26 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        No reason to carry two kickers. Drop whatever one you think is worse. Feel free to drop Thomas Jones also. Do you have a backup QB? If not, pick up Tebow if you can. Are any other WR’s on my waiver list available?

        • Will 1:49 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          not sure which kicker to drop, Bailey has a higher position ranking, but is only leading Nugent by like 3 pts. Nugent is up against a weaker team this week, i think… who do you think is going farther this year? more games = more potential points, no?

          I dropped Thomas Jones, claimed Tebow, but I’m 9th in waiver priority… so i’m crossing my fingers on that.

          As for WRs, Hines Ward is available, who is right above Nelson in your list. So is Malcolm Floyd, but he’s on a bye week as well. I’ll pick one up once I decide which kicker to ditch. hmmm

          oh btw, i’m now 2nd in my league! 4-1

      • Massie 5:44 am on October 15, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        As you know, there’s a very good chance Brandon Lloyd will be traded. How about trading someone for him before the other owners get to know that he will be traded?
        Would it be a good idea to give up someone like Julio Jones or what kind of player would you trade for him if you agree that it’s a good idea?
        I mean, if he goes to the Rams, he will definitely get lots of balls thrown his way….. or what? Thanks.

        • PFM 11:15 pm on October 15, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          I’m actually thinking the opposite as I have Lloyd and have an owner who offered me Ryan Fitzpatrick and Julio Jones for Lloyd and Michael Bush. Rams have been doing nothing this year even with Lloyd I can’t see him being effective.

        • Brandon 12:05 pm on October 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          I wouldn’t give up Julio Jones for Lloyd, but if you could get him cheap I guess it’s worth a shot. Just keep in mind that there’s a good chance he is less productive in the short term as he would have to get accustomed to a new offensive system.

    • Mel 4:22 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hey guys,

      Is Victor Cruz this year’s Steven Smith for the Giants? I’m loving the amount of targets he’s getting, but some of his catches… are well… a bit ridiculous in more ways than one. Is he a keeper as a WR2 or a good sell-high opportunity?

      Also, is Tim Tebow the end of Eric Decker’s fantasy value?


      • Mike 5:10 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Quick one Percy Harvin or DHB?? Also, If you had to bench two who would you choose; Branch, J Nelson, Holmes, Colston , Wayne, and the winner of the first question?

      • Brandon 9:56 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Depending on what you can get for Cruz, he’s a perfect sell-high candidate. He’s a great WR3 if that’s what you’re using him for though. As for Decker, I’m sure he’ll continue to get some looks, but it might take a little more time for him to rebuild some chemistry with Tebow. He’s probably not someone you’ll start over Cruz any time soon though.

    • james hance 5:14 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I could right now ppick up tebow 4 hassleback, i`d onlt start tebow in week 11(brees`s bye week) should i do it? and now that henne is gone is marshal worth keeping?

      • james hance 5:15 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        also should i pick up jermaine greshem 4 greg olson?

    • Alex U 7:24 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Got a trade offer: he gives me josh freeman and larry fitzgerald for phillip rivers

      • Alex U 7:25 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Is this a good deal?

      • Brandon 9:59 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Would Josh Freeman be your starter? I’m starting to lose hope on him this year. Are you in big need of an upgrade at WR too?

    • jack 7:29 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      hey Brandon,
      would you trade fitzpatrick for mike wallace or Chris johnson? my 3 WR=(smitty, AJgreen, a johnson, aromashodu) RB=(SJAX &Lynch, battle, dwyer) QB=Stafford. I guess, do you think the owner would bite on either?

      • Brandon 10:03 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I can’t see the other guy going for either, but you might try to get Chris Johnson first, since your RB corps is not as strong. Mike Wallace would be awesome too though!

        • jack 3:14 am on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          was afraid you might say he wouldn’t bite.
          what if i threw in a good ol 2fer1, lynch and fitz for wallace? he declared he needed a QB on the forum

    • james hance 7:46 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      hey brandon quick question who should i start? 2 RBs i have mcCoy sproles and shonn green and for next week i have jackie battle which 2 should i start?

      • Brandon 9:35 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Hey dude, either you got a really sneaky virus or you’re posting a bunch of B.S. on the site. The comments have your IP address and we can see the little conversation you seem to be having with yourself. Just so you know…

        • james hance 10:48 am on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          i`m very sorry, i was bored

          • james hance 10:49 am on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

            it wont happen again i promise

    • Culver 9:25 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Is it time to sell high on Eric Decker? He came on strong because Orton looked his way often and in the red zone, and I’m not so confident Tebow will do either.

      • Brandon 10:01 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        If you can sell high on him now, go for it, but I’m thinking after last week’s negative yardage outing that might be hard to do 🙂

    • JMac 11:33 pm on October 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Looking to add V. Cruz for Washington and jackie Battle for Hightower possibly?? Other rbs are f.jones, tolbert and jacobs. I need someone with starting potential. What do you think??

    • Dennis 1:15 pm on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I have a question for Week 7…I am last on the waiver wire, so I’d like to think ahead and grab a solid starter this week (Gore will be out and I have no usable backup). I am mainly looking for a week 7 plug-in, though perhaps some of these guys have long-term potential.

      Between Jackie Battle, Earnest Graham, Delonte Carter, Pierre Thomas, Monatrio Hardesty, Knowshon Moreno, Bernard Scott and Reggie Bush, who do you think is the most likely to actually play as a starter next week and produce?


    • Eddie 2:37 pm on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Should I trade Matt Ryan for Deion Branch? I need a third WR going into the bye weeks and have Stafford and Tebow. Thanks!

      • Eddie 6:27 pm on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Forget the above trade, but does this make sense: I get Stafford and Ingram and give him Jahvid Best and Michael Bush? Thanks!

        • Brandon 12:10 pm on October 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

          I’d do that trade as long as you have some other decent RBs.

    • Chas 3:00 pm on October 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Need to pick 2 of 4. Standard ppr league.

      shonn greene, ryan torain, daniel thomas, pierre garcon.


      • nate 6:33 pm on October 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        IF it were me I would go Green, Thomas, just cause I dont like torain and garcon….thats all im basing on.

      • Brandon 12:09 pm on October 16, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I’d roll with Torain and Garcon actually. Garcon is the hot hand right now so stick with him. Torain is against the worst run defense in the league. Greene is never inspiring and Thomas has injury worries and plays Monday night, so he’s a bit risky. Good luck!

  • Brandon 11:10 am on September 2, 2010 Permalink
    Tags: , , league of champions   

    Our 2010 fantasy football teams 

    With the drafts having taken place recently for the two most important fantasy football leagues that Matt and I take part in, I figured it was worth sharing who we ended up with. In case you were curious, we’re in a keeper league that uses a RB/WR flex position, as well as a “League of Champions”, which uses pretty standard scoring.

    I love my keeper league team, which could prove to be unstoppable, thanks in large part to my keepers from last season – Ray Rice, Jermichael Finley and Mike Wallace! As for my League of Champions team, I was definitely not prepared for the hardships that come along with the 11th pick of a 12 team draft. After drafting Rashard Mendenhall and Tom Brady with my top two picks, it was a LONNNGGG, painful wait before those next two picks. I’m putting a lot of faith two risky wide receivers with Housh and Edwards, but maybe Jacoby Jones and Legedu Naanee will step up and relieve those my worries (one can hope, right?!)

    Anyways, feel free to leave any questions/comments you have…

    • Squish 2:53 pm on September 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Looks good guys! I recently had the 10th pick of a draft in a 12 team league and I chose the alternative to what Brandon did (mainly because mendenhall was off the board). I ended up taking Moss in the first and Brees in the second. I did that mainly b/c there is no flex in that league. Ended up with Benson, McCoy, Bradshaw, and Cadillac at RB but Moss, Welker, and the other Moss at WR. I found there was more talent available in my needed areas at my pick with this strategy than when I take a RB first round with a late pick. Just a thought.

    • Mal 11:02 pm on September 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      How did you possibly draft Johnson and Rice Brandon?

      • Brandon 8:35 am on September 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Hah, our league is clueless? Just kidding. He was one of my keepers from last season. I drafted him in the 4th round last year, so this year he was my second pick. It just happened that I got first pick as well, so I got Chris Johnson. Pretty solid RB corps, huh?

        • Mal 8:49 am on September 3, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          of course! OOO YEAHHH

    • bigchimp 2:53 am on September 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      New to the board. Great site, btw.

      Unstoppable team with cj and ray rice but maybe a more realistic scenario if I could ask for an opinion.

      I had the 8th pick in a 12 team snake.

      Michael Turner, P Manning, Greg Jennings, Antonio Gates, Hines Ward, Arian Foster, LaDainian Tomlinson, Mike Williams(TB), Vincent Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Deon Butler, Mike Thomas, Nate Kaeding, Cincy, Jacoby Jones.

      Should I be worried about my rb situation and will I have enough firepower in my reach guys (vj, santonio, jacoby, mike Williams, Hines ward) to use as tradebait? What are your thoughts on the probability 2 of the 5 guys turn into legit #2 guys if any?

      Thanks in advance

      • Brandon 1:38 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        I like your starting RB’s and “experts” are predicting that Foster is one of the top starts for week 1. However, you’re putting a lot of eggs in the Foster basket. It might be nice to get at least one more RB to round out your squad. At receiver, I assume you’ll be starting Jennings, Ward and hopefully Jacoby Jones to start the season. You’ll be all set once V-Jax and Santonio return, so maybe wait a few weeks before trying to trade for more running back depth.

        • michael 4:31 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          so you wouldn’t start antonio gates over j jones or ward?

        • michael 4:32 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          we start 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 wr/te, 1 dst, 1 k

        • Brandon 4:35 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

          Oh, didn’t know that was an option. I’d start Gates over Jones AND Ward in that WR/TE slot. So Jennings and Ward in the WR spots and Gates in the flex spot.

      • michael 4:52 pm on September 7, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        wow, fast reply…thanks very much for your help!

    • bigchimp 2:54 am on September 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry forgot to mention. Standard scoring non ppr 6 pt passing/rushing td

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