Desperation is a Stinky Cologne: Extreme Sleepers for Week 4 2008 

In a bind? This column is for those of you who, due to injury or just plain poor team management, find yourselves with a gaping hole at QB, RB or WR. It’s crunch time – let’s head to the free agent pool and see what we can dig up! There’s gotta be a few diamonds in the rough who might be able to help us out this week.

Remember, this differs from a standard “waiver wire” post in that I’m not advising you to pick these players up if you’re seeking long-term production. Thanks to matchups, injuries, or other favorable conditions, these normally ignorable guys might just be useful this week if you really need them, but in most cases aren’t worth a long-term roster spot.

Last week, I predicted that you might be able to get useful production out of the following players. Let’s see how we did: (More …)