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  • Brandon 3:20 pm on November 22, 2008 Permalink
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    Ask the Geeks – Week 12 

    Atg ButtonHere are our responses to the first question(s) for the week. Remember, you can always ask us questions by clicking the Ask the Geeks logo on the left sidebar (or this link).

    Shirley asks: Alright so I picked up Warrick Dunn but today I saw that he has a back injury and that he’s questionable for Sunday. If he becomes probable, I may have to grab him again. So in dropping Dunn, I picked up Ryan Grant who’s been doing relatively well lately. In addition to Grant who’s playing the Saints this week, I also have Chris Johnson and Thomas Jones who are playing each other. Which two should I start: Thomas Jones, Chris Johnson, or Ryan Grant? I’m leaning towards starting Grant and then one of the other two. Thomas Jones is going up against the strong Titans defense but Chris Johnson and the whole Titans running game has been struggling these past few games. I need help from my FF guru!

    Brandon’s take: Hey Shirley, I’m not sure how Ryan Grant was available in your league, but props to you on the great free agent pickup! You definitely want to start him this week against the Saints. In terms of your other two guys, the Jets and Titans have two of the best run defenses in the NFL and in my Hits and Misses post this week, you can see that I’m not especially high on either of the Titans running backs. By the way, Warrick Dunn practiced in full on Friday and is ready to start this weekend, so if you can still grab him, you might go with he and Ryan Grant. If you can’t get Dunn (don’t drop T.Jones or Johnson to get him!), than start Thomas Jones with Grant. Hope this helped!

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    • Shirley 7:29 am on November 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I’m already winning with a little over 100 points this weekend and still have Ryan Grant and Lance Moore to play. What is up with the Jets running game? You seriously can’t sit Thomas Jones no matter what team he goes up against! Chris Johnson was a disappointment, glad I didn’t play him. Good calls again this week.

  • Josh 10:58 am on November 20, 2008 Permalink
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    Guest Post: Week 12 RB Fantasy Rankings 

    Editors’ note: The following post was written by a guest blogger, Josh from Pro Football 101.

    Must Starts

    1. Willie Parker vs. Cincinnati Bengals. Parker came back with a strong effort vs. the Chargers this past Sunday, and on Thursday he gets the Bengals. Got to love that matchup.

    In what could be frigid conditions at Heinz field Thursday night, look for the Steelers to get back to playing Pittsburgh Steelers football and pounding away on the ground. And as the line begins to gel together, this all bodes very well for Parker. 100 yards and two TDs.

    2. Matt Forte vs. St. Louis Rams. Ok, the game by the Bay (San Francisco) last Sunday convinced me that the Rams have officially mailed the season in.

    After a few nice efforts that led to upsets over Washington and Dallas, the bottom has fallen out and this defense has given up 40 and 35 points respectively in the first halves alone of each of the past two games.

    Look for the Bears to get back on track after the debacle in GB and for Forte to be a major focal point of the offensive attack. 100 yards and two TDs. (More …)

    • BadGirl59 12:38 pm on October 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      All Venturers are given opportunities to learn and apply proven leadership skills. ,

    • Roy24 9:44 am on October 23, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I put to much thought in and over-wrote the whole thing. ,

  • Brandon 10:21 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink
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    Hits and Misses – Week 10: "Purple Jesus" ready to roll at home 

    It’s pretty amazing the luck (of the bad variety) that I’ve had so far this season with my feature “hit” picks, the latest victim being my own personal favorite, the man who shares my name and plays receiver for the Denver Broncos, Mr. Brandon Marshall (two catches for 27 yards?!!) However, I did end up the week with a decent 13-7-5* record on the big days of quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Kurt Warner, plus the misfortunes of Bills running back Marshawn Lynch and a few others (even if Marshall, Clinton Portis’ big day receiving, and Kyle Orton’s injury all tried to screw me!)

    Maybe picking the most obvious guy each week that is “supposed” to have a huge game is the wrong approach. If I pick LaDainian Tomlinson to have a big day against the high school players the Chiefs call a defense, is he going to get shut out? This week I’m going to change my approach a bit and go with my gut as to which player will have a big day and not base my pick solely on the numbers. While I’m not going out on a huge limb here, my big play of the week is for Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, aka Purple Jesus, to run wild on the Green Bay Packers…


    • Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: While quarterback Gus Frerotte tries his best against the vaunted Packers pass defense (see the “Others” section of my misses list below), this will be a game where the Vikings try to run the ball down Green Bay’s throat with Peterson and Chester Taylor. The Pack is allowing nearly five yards per carry to opposing tailbacks and almost 150 yards a game, but you can expect Minnesota to land on the plus side of that average. The first time these two teams met this season (at Green Bay), Peterson, who is averaging around 120 yards per game at home this season, broke the century mark and also scored a touchdown as the team rushed for over 180 yards…and I’m predicting at least those results this time.  (More …)
    • Tim 2:45 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Good post guys. One thing to note though is Willie Parker’s lingering injury will keep him out of Sunday’s great matchup with the Colts. Out of nowhere, Mewelde Moore will end up putting RB1 numbers up this weekend putting up 120 combined yards and a TD.

      Also, where is the love for Colston this weekend? He could certainly end up being a hit this weekend.

    • Brandon 3:18 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Tim: Thanks for the update Tim. Just fixed up the post to make it more current! As for your boy Colston, as a team manager that spent a high pick on him this year, I’m not as excited about him these days and until he proves he’s back to being a big factor in the Saints passing game, he most likely won’t make the “hit” list.

    • Matt 3:40 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Tim – I have high hopes for Colston this weekend, but something seems weird with him. I’ve always been a little suspicious of him since he came out of left field in 2006… the numbers are hard to argue with, but you gotta wonder if he’ll just drop off a cliff.

    • Brandon 8:24 pm on November 9, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Colston goes big! Maybe he’s back? Let’s hope…all I know is that that team loves to throw the ball!

  • Matt 5:01 pm on October 30, 2008 Permalink
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    Sell High, Buy Low: Trade ideas for Week 9, 2008 

    SellbuyIf your team needs some help and you’re looking to make a trade to bolster a position, here’s a list of players to look for and work into those deals this week. Players listed under Sell High are overvalued – meaning that I think they’re performing at a level they won’t be able to maintain throughout the season, and thus are ripe to be traded away while their value is still high. Those listed under Buy Low are the ones to look for on other peoples’ teams – hopefully their owners are discouraged by their poor performance thus far, and will trade them away for a song.

    Sell High

    Bernard Berrian, WR, MIN – He’s had three straight games with 80+ yards and a score – against three of the worst teams in the league at stopping the pass (New Orleans allows the 6th-most passing yards per game, Detroit the 2nd-most, and Chicago the 4th-most). Frerotte-to-Berrian isn’t exactly an unstoppable force, and the minute opposing defenses decide to pay closer attention to Berrian (probably starting about now), this connection’s going to fizzle. 

    David Garrard, QB, JAC – Poor David Garrard. Just when he finally develops some chemistry with a receiver (Matt Jones), it looks like he’ll probably lose him to suspension fairly soon. While Jones is gone for three weeks (whether it starts this week or next), expect Garrard to revert to his early-season form, when he was averaging well under 200 yards and rarely threw for a score. (More …)

  • Brandon 8:47 am on October 23, 2008 Permalink
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    Ask the Geeks – Week 8 

    Atg ButtonHere are our responses to the first couple of questions for the week. Remember, you can always ask us questions by clicking the Ask the Geeks logo on the left sidebar (or this link).

    Alan asks: Receiving Steve Slaton and Anquan Boldin for Bernard Berrian and Ryan Grant. Yay or nay, fantasy geeks.

    Brandon’s take: Alan, at first glance, it appears you would be getting the better of this trade. In terms of fantasy point average per game, right now Steve Slaton (11*) and Anquan Boldin (16.6) are a good deal ahead of Ryan Grant (7.5) and Bernard Berrian (11.6). However, looking at their schedules for the remainder of the season, Grant and Berrian actually have the easier path to the playoffs. Their schedules, coupled with A) the fear that Steve Slaton could hit the infamous “rookie wall”, B) the question of how effective Boldin will be when coming back from his pretty serious injury a couple weeks ago, and C) the fact that Cardinals wide receiver Steve Breaston has played well in relief of Boldin, leads me to recommend you do NOT make the trade. Last season Ryan Grant came on strong towards the middle of the season and I expect the same to happen this year. I also think the Frerotte-to-Berrian connection in Minnesota should hold up for the rest of the season and pay you solid dividends. Good luck…hopefully this helps!

    *Points are approximations from one of the leagues that Matt and I are in. (More …)

    • Ali 10:50 am on October 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks fellas!

    • Ali 8:21 pm on October 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      great call on Lindell, I went with him and he had a great day!

    • Brandon 10:47 pm on October 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah he did…helped out a few of my teams as well!

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