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  • Brandon 10:07 am on December 9, 2008 Permalink
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    The Wire: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 15, 2008 

    As we head into the playoffs, there’s a pretty good chance that your team is already set and you are not in need of any desperation picks. Just in case though, here’s a look at the players to target on your league’s waiver wire this week. This list is ordered by the percentage of ESPN leagues in which the player is available, but even if you’re not a ESPN user, it’s a decent indication of how likely you are to find the player on waivers in your league. We also note here how strongly we feel about this pickup with three categories: Instant Starter, Grab ‘n’ Stash, or Desperation Pickup.

    Tashard Choice, RB, Cowboys (13.0% owned, Desperation Pickup) – With Marion the Barbarian out with an injury, rookie Tashard Choice filled in pretty well, rushing for 88 yards and catching five passes for and additional 78 yards. If Barber misses another game, Choice could make for a decent RB or flex play this weekend against the Giants.

    Deion Branch, WR, Seahawks (13.7% owned, Instant Starter) – Branch had two touchdowns against his old team, the Patriots, this past Sunday. While you shouldn’t expect those kind of touchdown numbers from week to week, it finally looks like he is healthy and can be productive for your fantasy team.

    Tatum Bell, RB, Broncos (15.5% owned, Desperation Pickup) – Obviously we couldn’t have a Broncos running back last longer than a few weeks in the spotlight, so this week we’re moving on to Tatum Bell with Peyton Hillis suffering a season ending hamstring injury last weekend. Bell could split carries with Selvin Young, so you may want to wait and see what kind of numbers he can put up, but he’s worth the risk if you’re in dire straights at the position! (More …)

    • Shirley 10:02 pm on December 9, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I made the playoffs and am thinking about picking up Davone Bess. I have Jerricho Cotchery, Steve Breaston, Lance Moore, Kevin Walter, and Amani Toomer. Should I drop any of them for Bess?
      I also currently have the Ravens DST starting over the Cardinals DST. Should I drop the Cardinals to pick up one of the waiver defenses you mentioned? (Pats and ‘Hawks are still available) And if I do pick them up, should I start them over the Ravens? Even though the Steelers are a great offense, I’m not as worried about them as I am about their DST which could score a DTD.
      And what do you think about picking up Shaun Hill? I have Romo and Thigpen on my team. Thigpen has decent matchups and even though most sites say that Romo will be fine because the last time he played the Giants, he threw for 200+ yards and 3 TDs. But that was when he had Marion Barber… Kyle Orton is also available.

    • Brandon 10:17 pm on December 9, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @ Shirley: I don’t see the urgent need to drop any of your receivers to pick up Davone Bess at this point. He’s only found the endzone once this season and until he can do that on a more consistent basis, he’s probably not going to get you many more points than any of your other receivers. As for defenses, you probably should just start the Ravens, since they’re the top defense in the league right now (in terms of fantasy football), so unless your league starts two defenses, there’s really no need to worry about a second one. Finally, in terms of quarterbacks, Romo could have a rough go of it over the next two weeks against two of the best defenses in the league. Orton and Thigpen both make solid plays this week as they take on New Orleans and San Diego respectively…who are two of the worst pass defenses in the league. I’m leaning towards Orton in that case though, since he’s a little more battle tested and the Chargers actually played decently last week. Hope this helped!

    • Roger 8:37 pm on December 10, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Brandon,

      I was wondering if you can help me my man. I have having bad luck with my starting wrs. I have Colston, Cotchery, Toomer, Bruce and Bess. I feel that Colston is a definite but from there I am lost. Which two do you feel will bring me the most success? Thanks brother.


    • Brandon 10:20 pm on December 10, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Roger: Hey man, looks like you have similar problems as Shirley up above…too many mediocre receivers! Of those guys you mention, the most consistent recently have been Davone Bess and Isaac Bruce. With Favre and Eli Manning throwing towards the tight end so much, it’s tough to guarantee that Cotchery and Toomer will get theirs each week, so I’m going to recommend you go with Bess and Bruce and ride their hot streaks. Good luck!

    • E-roc 9:35 am on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Unlike Shirley & Roger, my WR situation is pretty cut and dry (outside of the fact that I didn’t start Antonio Bryant last week, but who would have with Wayne, Marshall & Boldin?).

      My quandary this week is at the RB position. I was one of the many who not only lost Hillis for the season, but also lost Torain as well. Now I’m stuck with Slaton, Pierre Thomas, Jonathan Stewart, and Leon Washington. I’m going to go with Slaton but who would you play: Stewart v. DEN or Thomas (tonight) @ CHI?


    • Brandon 10:02 am on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @E-roc: Prior to Monday night’s barn-burner between the Panthers and Buc’s, I probably would have told you to start Pierre Thomas, but I’m leaning towards Jonathan Stewart now. The reasons against Thomas: A) the Bears rush defense is the 6th best in the NFL in terms of yards per game to RB, B) Reggie Bush is back to health and will take a cut of the carries, and C) I hate having guys play on Thursday because if they bomb, you’re pissed off for 2 extra days wondering what could have been. Jonathan Stewart on the other hand just abused a very good Tampa Bay defense (do you realize that before he and D.Williams scored their 4 touchdowns, TB had only allowed ONE rushing touchdown all season?!) and the Panthers running game appears to be going on all cylinders at this point. Go with Stewart.

    • E-roc 10:32 am on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @brandon – Thanks. I thoroughly enjoyed the “if they bomb, you’re pissed off for 2 extra days wondering what could have been” comment. Those two days will be magnified now that we’re in the playoffs.

      I’ll go with Stewart. p.s. I missed the boat on the Rhodes waiver-wire pick-up with Addai being out this weekend.

    • Brandon 11:10 am on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @E-roc: Yeah I like having my guys all play either Sunday and maybe having a guy play on Monday (just to give you hope if you’re down a few points.) Actually, last week I had Steve Smith and Antonio Bryant playing in separate leagues and I won both of them thanks to the services of those receivers, so the second half of that MNF game was awesome.

      As for Rhodes, I think I still might start Jonathan Stewart over him anyways. Rhodes seems like a great start against the Lions, but it’s always the most obvious ones that end up disappointing in my experience at least.

    • E-roc 12:24 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @brandon – Wow. Much credit to you for starting both of those guys.

      Very well. My push forward with Stewart will hopefully help land me a “W”. Winning this week gets me in the money which I could desperately use.

      Hopefully Peyton Manning & the Philly DEF will carry the load on Sunday.

    • Dave 2:26 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Big playoff game obviously! Need some advice — I need to start 2 of the 5 RBs below (already starting Westbrook). Tonight’s game causes the dilemma.

      Pierre Thomas
      Jonathan Stewart
      Frank Gore
      Domonic Rhodes
      Kevin Smith

      Do I start Thomas tonight? If Gore plays and Rhodes starts — Do I have better options than Thomas?


    • Brandon 4:36 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Dave: Looks like you’re have similar problems as E-roc, but you have additional options in Frank Gore and Kevin Smith. I think it’s pretty safe to cross Kevin Smith off the list of alternatives, as their offense is just too bad to rely on a big game from him in your playoffs. I mentioned the reasons for passing on Pierre Thomas and Rhodes earlier as well. As for the two to start, I’d go with Frank Gore and Jonathan Stewart. Stewart has big game potential and Gore will get plenty of chances to get it done as I’m sure they’ll be grinding it out all day long against Miami. In short, go with Stewart and Gore.

    • Dave 4:49 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Brandon! I have been a big fan of Gore and hope he plays on Sunday. I also have a problem in another league with Gore.

      First – Welker or Eddie Royal at WR2?

      Second – Gore or Welker/Royal at Flex?

      I am assuming you believe Gore is a must start for me if he plays . . . Thanks!

    • Brandon 5:01 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Dave: Oh…actually just checked on Gore and it doesn’t look good for his playing status. I’d throw Dominic Rhodes in there instead of Gore, since you sure as hell don’t want a game-time-decision to screw you and get you zero points out of the RB spot! So go with Rhodes and Stewart.

      For receivers in that other league, go with Welker and Royal, since it does not appear Gore will be playing (or at least at full steam.) If for some reason it turns out that Gore will play, I would play him over Eddie Royal possibly.

      Sorry for the misinformation previously…I need to keep up on the Gore-injury–front I guess!

    • Brandon 10:08 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Well I didn’t quite expect the Bears to give the Saints the ball on their own 2 yard line!!! Free TD for Pierre Thomas right there.

    • Brandon 11:32 pm on December 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      DOH! Don’t hate me!

    • jose 1:26 am on December 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I have David Garrard, Jake Delhomme, Shaun Hill and Seneca Wallace
      Who do I start, Big playoff game Thanks for the help

    • Brandon 9:54 am on December 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @jose: As a team manager that just dropped Jake Delhomme to pick up Shaun Hill as my backup quarterback, I can’t recommend you start Delhomme this week (he only has one good receiver and hasn’t thrown for multiple touchdowns five weeks straight.) As for David Garrard, he’s been too inconsistent and plays a decent Green Bay defense. Seneca Wallace has a pretty solid matchup against a bad Rams defense this week, as does Shaun Hill against the Dolphins, so the decision is really between the two of them. I’d go with Shaun Hill, as he’s more battle tested and consistent and is usually good for 250 yards and two touchdowns.

    • E-roc 10:19 am on December 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Should have started P.Thomas. His performance equated to 34 pts in our league.

      J.Stewart better put up at least 20….

    • Brandon 10:26 am on December 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah, the flip side of not playing a guy in a Thursday game is if he does really well, you have to stare at that score on your bench for an extra two days. I honestly thought that Reggie Bush would have been a bigger factor though and I (along with many other probably) expected the Saints to air it out more than they did considering how great their passing offense normally is. Let’s just hope for a HUGE game from Jonathan Stewart!

    • Chris 12:35 am on December 13, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      First, thanks for all your help offered to us weekend warriors. It’s been an uphill battle all season, but i am fortunate to have made it to the semi-finals in a pretty competitive 12 man PPR league. I was hoping you could weigh in on my current WR situation. I’ve been playing with Steve Smith (the good one), Vincent Jackson and Bernard Berrian. All three have served me well but now i’m concerned with QB situation in Min. I’m thinking about picking-up Bess to fill in for Berrian. Any thoughts?

      Thanks in advance for the help?

    • Brandon 11:36 am on December 13, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      @Chris: It’s not looking good on the Gus Frerotte front, as he’s now listed as Doubtful for this weekend, meaning Tarvaris Jackson will be back in the lineup…and also that Bernard Berrian is likely to have a less-than-stellar performance. Berrian is always a high risk, high reward player who can take a 80 bomb to the house, but his risk goes up dramatically with Jackson at the helm. I would definitely recommend you put Davone Bess in there instead…at least this week. Good luck!

  • Brandon 3:28 pm on November 18, 2008 Permalink
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    The Wire: Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 12, 2008 

    Here’s a look at the players to target on your league’s waiver wire this week. This list is ordered by the percentage of ESPN leagues in which the player is available, but even if you’re not a ESPN user, it’s a decent indication of how likely you are to find the player on waivers in your league. We also note here how strongly we feel about this pickup with three categories: Instant Starter, Grab ‘n’ Stash, or Desperation Pickup.

    J.J. Arrington, RB, Cardinals (1.8% owned, Grab ‘n’ Stash) – Rookie Tim Hightower just hasn’t gotten it done the past two weeks and we’re starting to wonder if he’s really starter-material. With Kurt Warner opening the field up dramatically with the passing game, Hightower should have all the room in the world to run the ball, but the numbers just aren’t there. On Sunday, J.J. Arrington was able to weasel some carries from Hightower (including a touchdown) and did fairly well with them. If Hightower continues to struggle, look for Arrington’s carries to increase steadily.

    Deion Branch, WR, Seahawks (9.2% owned, Grab ‘n’ Stash) – Branch finally played another game this season…and survived! He ended up the game with over 50 yards and as he gets more playing time, he should get more comfortable in the offense and put up decent numbers down the home stretch. He’s probably not worth starting right away, but you might pick him up and hide him on your roster to see what he can do. (More …)

    • Shirley 10:07 am on November 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Alright so I picked up Warrick Dunn but today I saw that he has a back injury and that he’s questionable for Sunday. If he becomes probable, I may have to grab him again. So in dropping Dunn, I picked up Ryan Grant who’s been doing relatively well lately. In addition to Grant who’s playing the Saints this week, I also have Chris Johnson and Thomas Jones who are playing each other. Which two should I start: Thomas Jones, Chris Johnson, or Ryan Grant?
      I’m leaning towards starting Grant and then one of the other two. Thomas Jones is going up against the strong Titans defense but Chris Johnson and the whole Titans running game has been struggling these past few games. I need help from my FF guru!

  • Brandon 10:55 am on August 25, 2008 Permalink
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    Best of the Rest: Leinart back in the doghouse 

    Continuing my previous article “Rising and Falling: The Barbarian Unleashed!”, here is a list of some of the players who saw the field over the weekend and how their play may or may not have affected their draft status…

    Falling Down

    Matt Leinart (QB-ARI): 4 of 12 for 24 yards, 3 INT –  ESPN is reporting that Kurt Warner will be named the starter for Arizona on opening day after Leinart had another poor outing in preseason. Completing 25% of your passes and nearly having as many interceptions as completions is not the way to earn the coach’s trust. On the plus side, maybe Leinart can spend more time partying with all his celebrity friends now, while Warner studies game tape. At this point, Leinart should be no where near one of your cheat sheets going into draft day. (More …)

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