Here are a few tools that you can use to help field a competitive fantasy football squad on a week-to-week basis. Let us know if there are others that you want us to try out and possibly add to the list!


Pickemfirst (@pickemfirst) – Use Pickemfirst in conjuncture with our weekly player rankings to find any decent, available players in your leagues.

Websites: Fantasy Team Rating – Enter your players and scoring rules and see where your team stands in terms of each position and how likely you are to make the playoffs!

Websites: Line-up Decisions (@matchuphuddle) – Awesome site that allows you to pick player vs player match-ups for each week. If you’re having line-up issues, you can search for two players and see where the community stands on it for the week. You can also test your knowledge against the rest of the users to see who are the real fantasy football gurus out there and who are the pretenders by picking players each week. (@fantasyiq) – Great place to ask about a particular line-up question you have for a given week (i.e. Adrian Peterson or Arian Foster?) and see how the community responds. Also supports multi-player questions on trades (i.e. Adrian Peterson and Greg Jennings FOR Arian Foster and Brandon Lloyd?) (@footballverdict) – Another great site to have your player questions answered by the community.
FantasyPROS – Who Should I Start?

Websites: Team Ranks/Stats

ESPN Fantasy Football Points Against – Useful site when trying to determine how good a particular defense is against a certain position (i.e. New England against the run.)
Yahoo! Fantasy Football Points Against – Similar to ESPN, you can find these by going to your league page and going to the Research > Fantasy Points Against tab.
FF Today – Points Allowed

Websites: Player Ranks/Stats – Website we’ll be using to generate charts next season to show player performances in previous weeks.

Websites: Player News Headlines – Great site for getting the latest fantasy football related updates.